How to Merge PDF Files as a Windows 10 User

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

If you have been utilizing PDF formats for your documents, and you desire some new features like drawing out some pages from a PDF file, or you want to merge PDF files from Windows 10 into a single file, then you are in the right place.

In this blog post, we will examine the possibility of maximizing the PDF format for free. How to merge PDF files in Windows 10, as well as carry out other functions.

Easy Guide on How to Merge PDF Files in Windows 10

Business users and companies utilize PDFs to safeguard their internal documents. However, users must carry out more functions, like merging two or more PDF files into one file, which requires a PDF merger tool.

WPS free edit tools come on recommendations. It allows you to edit and merge multiple files into one single file easily. Let's explore how you merge PDF files in Windows 10.

Method 1: Merge Files from windows 10 With Adobe Acrobat Online

If you open a PDF in Windows 10, it begins with the operating system's default viewer, but this app does not allow you to merge files. You will have to use an online tool or a third-party app. Let's look at how to merge PDF files in Windows 10 using Adobe Acrobat online.

1. Open the Acrobat tool.

2. Click on select files and locate your files through the dialogue box.

3. Upload your files and select merge.

4. After you merge PDF files from Windows 10, you can organize them, however, you deem fit, then download your new PDF document.

Method 2: Merge Files With WPS Office PDF Merge Tool

WPS office merge tool is user-friendly and efficient; it stands out among other PDF merge tools available as it enables you to merge and save documents without taking up much space.

1. Download and install the WPS office app on your windows computer.

3. Launch the app and click on the PDF tools tab, select merge PDF

4. Once you have merged your selected file, save it to your desired location on your computer.

Method 3: Merge Files windows 10 With PDF Merger and Splitter

PDF merger and splitter is available for download on the Microsoft store and allows you to merge multiple PDF files into one.

2. Install the PDF merger and splitter app on your device, then click " merge."

2. Click on " Add PDFs" and add the selected files you want to merge.

3. Change the order of the files with the "MOVE UP" and "MOVE DOWN" buttons.

4. Click on the button  "Merge PDF," then save your new file.

Benefits of Merging PDF files Using These Tips

People utilize the PDF file format for different reasons, especially when document handling is involved. They can be operated easily and have a wide array of conversion tools readily available for free.

You can convert your files to PDF, which is smaller than other formats. You can easily edit your work and safeguard PDF files with passwords and encryption. It allows only your employers and your team members that need to view the file to have access to it.


How Do I Review Changes Made Before Saving My New Document

Open the file you will be merging into in the middle and right panes and the file you will be merging from into the left pane. When a document is merged from the left into the middle, the right pane shows the changes made. With this, you can review the changes before saving your new PDF.

How Do I Merge PDF Files  Windows 10 Without Using Adobe

Online tools are a perfect alternative if you don't have Adobe software installed on your computer. Online tools are easy to twerk when it comes to merging files.

Is It Safe to Use Online Tools to Merge PDF files windows 10

Choose a reliable online tool to merge your PDF. The WPS PDF tool safely is a great option.

Learn More on How to Merge PDF Files in Windows 10

There are multiple ways to combine PDF documents in Windows 10, as discussed above in detail. Choose the most suitable method that meets your needs.

Be sure to use local apps to merge sensitive documents for privacy's sake. If you don't want to invest in third-party paid software, use the WPS PDF tools to merge your files with Windows 10 for free. Download the WPS office tool now and enjoy a free trial.

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