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August 5, 2022

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To provide high-quality work to your clients, you need animation software and other programs and tools if you are in the field of animation, whether as a beginner or an expert. Selecting the right animation software for your Windows 10 is not an easy task. Still, fortunately, the online market is full of animation software that is not only free but also designed with the features that make them competent.

The best 2D and 3D animation software is represented on the list we have compiled. While using the various tools they provide, you can make some awesome animation, shift these tools in different formats, use image animation tools, and many other things. Let’s have a look at the 10 best animation software free download for Windows 10:

1. Moho Pro:

On top of the slit, we have Moho Pro, a dual-dimensional animation software. Dual dimensional animation software means that the tool can combine animation technology and professional tools.


  • The tool is designed with a unique bitmap brush that can be used to draw characters.

  • Using this tool for animation, you can give texture and effects to the characters.

  • It is highly recommended for 3D objects. The item previews can be seen to adjust the material qualities of the 3D object during the camera manipulations.

  • For search, the user can use keywords and sub keywords.


  • According to critics, the user might build an old-styled animation with this tool, combining Bitmap tools and frame-by-frame layers.

2. Krita:

Krita is a 2D animation tool used for Windows 10. It helps us create 2D images with the finest possible results.


  • If you are a beginner in animation, this tool can greatly help you.

  • The user can hand draw different shapes for different frames. So, if you find using a mouse difficult to draw, this tool gives you the option of hand-drawing.

  • The user can select from many vectors, brush styles, and texts to make the animation project unique.

  • You can use it on a tablet and touch screen laptop.


  • It is less suited to photo manipulation and other types of image editing because it only really supports digital painting and other artwork.

3. WPS:

With the WPS animation tool, the user can enjoy the benefits of making unique presentations and stand out among others. Animation tool for WPS allows you to create you animated videos or bigger screen presentations. Most of the brands needed their videos to be in the finest quality for flexing. WPS records those animation videos in different qualities. You can choose according to your needs.


  • The user can add entrance and exit animations to the slides.

  • The WPS allows the users to use the Typewriter effect. The Typewriter effect is one of the great animation techniques to add glory to normal presentations.

  • With the WPS free tool, you can move from beginner animator to advance in WPS PPT.

  • You can use it on a Smartphone, both iOS and Android, a tablet, and PC Windows 10

  • WPS is free to use. Its pro package is required if you need it for bigger scales only.


  • According to critics, this software can handle all document types, including text-processing and presentation documents. Although this is a good document generation program, some of its tools are still inferior to those on other platforms, such as Microsoft Office.

4. Pencil:

Next on the list is another free yet amazing 2d animation software used by beginners and experts working on an advanced level. Pencil is a great tool when we need to draw something colorful with different sections.


  • With this tool, the user can bring out his creativity through colorful 2D graphics.

  • This free tool comes with a simple interface, but it is equipped with all the features that can let you make the best animation work.

  • The tool consists of vector and bitmap images and supports various slabs and a set of illustration tools. You can use it for making graphic pictures on the spot.

  • Other features include frame rate, sound and image import, adding colors, and more. The most outstanding feature of this 2D animation tool is that the user can also export his graphics from Flash Movie Vide, FLV, and Movie.


  • Though many animation experts love it, the tool is usually for beginners. The reason is that the animations are frame by frame, which becomes irritating after some time.

  • The tool does not support 3d animations.

  • Experts consider the number of built-in features limited.

  • It cannot be used for work in professional studios.

5. Blender:

If you are specifically looking for free animation software, what else can be better than Blender? For Windows 10, it is one of the best options.


  • This tool is not only used for 2D animation but also can be used for 3D animation. The viewpoint feature of this software allows the user to combine 2D and 3D. Thus, it is a favorite among animators, learners, and video gaming specialists.

  • With this animation tool, the user can, without any difficulty, make renders and create curves along with modeling that includes sculpting and retopology.

  • It is built with robust simulation tools that can be easily combined with the pipeline tools, curve editor, dope sheets, and audio synchronization.

  • This animation software can adjust the size, font style, layout, and color according to your preferences.

  • The tool also supports the Retina screen or High/resolution screen.


  • It is not considered an animation tool for more specialized work.

  • It is not considered an industry standard.

  • With time, this tool can become slow with low-spec hardware.

  • The node editing cannot be easy, especially for beginners.

  • Sometimes it can be buggy.

  • According to critics, the video editor is lacking.

6. Autodesk Maya:

Next on the list is an animation tool, which is the first love of Hollywood animation experts. It is a three-dimensional animation tool that comes with the following pros and cons:


  • We can use it for making 3D animation, including people and scenes.

  • It comes with a 30-day free trial, making the first-time users introduce the tool's features and functioning. This period is more than enough to make a mind.

  • It is built with features like Animation workflow, Motion Graphics toolset, and Interactive Grooming workflow. The built-in features of this software make real images for movies and video games.

  • It is also built with a UV toolkit with improved functionalities, and tools are present in its editor interface.


  • It is not recommended for beginners.

  • It does not come with the feature of texture.

7. Animaker:

This is the best option for you in the free 2D animation tools list. You can enjoy the following pros:

  • The Animaker 2D animation tool is used to make videos for big businesses and small freelance tasks.

  • The user can make handmade 2D art on a whiteboard while enjoying other features like infographics, 2.5 D, typography, and multiple styles.

  • It is the best option for free 2D animation tool for beginners to start their journey. They can use it for making short videos and big movie scenes.

  • The animation tool features more than 200 sound effects. Isn't great choice?

  • The tool consists of plus 100 tracks of background music.

  • The user can also use this animation tool for making direct voice recordings.

  • Animaker is an animation tool that allows team members working on the same project to communicate and coordinate throughout the project, so there is no room for mistakes.

  • The tool can transform videos made into full HD resolution.


  • The tool lacks a god plan for educational purposes.

  • Sometimes, when the user downloads the complete video, he realizes that the video is a half cut-off, resulting in a big disappointment.

8. Creatoon:

Next on the list is the Creatoon. It is an extremely user-friendly animation s9ofwtare that can be used for making 2D animations.


  • Making graphics and videos on this animation tool allows the user to add special effects.

  • Though this app's interface is simple, it is built with features capable of handling complex tasks to a certain degree and giving amazing results.

  • On each side of the working station, the tool offers menus. With this feature, the user can get direct and quick access to the features.

  • The interface is not customizable. But it gives a detailed view of the progress of the project.

  • The tool allows the user to calculate the frame rate per second, width, and height. It also lets the user choose the format of the end file.

  • Using Creatoon, the user can add special effects to their animation, store their tasks conveniently manually, or just set it to save their tasks automatically every five minutes.

  • The animation tool lets you quickly separate your animation components into slabs to make the necessary changes.


  • It is used for 2D animation only. 

9. Synfig studio:

This one is a free 2D, a multi-purpose animation-making platform that is loved by almost everyone, from beginners to experts. According to users, the design and functioning of this animation software are almost similar to that of a pencil animation tool. What makes them different is that this software is designed with a sharp learning curve because of its avant-garde features and extraordinary results that the user can achieve once they have mastered using the tool.


  • The tool is based on the vector and bitmap technique.

  • The interface of this 2D animation tool is divided into four windows. These windows are the tools window, navigator window, editing window, and parameter window. It is the best choice to make high-quality animation, cartoons, and movies.

  • All the slabs of the tools are vector based and are designed parametrically. Pixelation only shows in the imported pictures and not the imported items when changing the target results of the project.

  • Using High-Dynamic Range Imaging, or HDRI, which uses floating-point mathematics in the image computation, the artwork will be able to comprehend a much wider variety of pixel glow, leading to improved lighting effects and color formation.

  • The best part is that the sketching tool has already scanned the user’s preferred tablets' pressure receptiveness route, which aids in natural line weighting and other functions.

  • This tool supports gradient routes, allowing animators to easily add soft shading to their drawings without drawing the animation on each frame separately.

  • The tool provides many layers, such as gradients, transformations, fractals, geometrics, etc.

  • Synfig Studio is a free download that supports Windows in addition to Linux and Mac OS X.


  • This animation tool is not as popular as others, so beginners might not be able to find enough guidance for it on the internet.

  • It is a heavy animation tool, so the user must have a strong PC or laptop to use it.

  • Even if you have experience with 2D or 3D animation, tutorials are still necessary to understand this concept.

10. Aurora 3D animation maker:

The 3D Aurora Animation Maker gives a range of features to create ceaseless animated effects.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface. Here the user can add their watermarks and logos to their created content and videos.

  • The user can insert cool effects into their images and videos.

  • The tool allows the user to transform the text into a 3D animation that beautifies the work while designing web pages or editing a video.

  • The user can organize their animation's facets consisting of the period and the playback rate.

  • Using Aurora 3D, users can apply special effects to their work like fireworks, snowfall, and flames. Motion effects can also be added, including Cubic, Quad, Linear, etc., plus movements like twists and bounces.

  • The animation tool allows you to shift it to flash, GIF, or Video formats.

  • This animation tool allows the user to make 3D video titles, awesome 3D logo animations, or amazing 3D text.


  • You shall have prior knowledge or experience before using this tool for creating 3D animations.

Final Thoughts!!

The best free animation software, including both 2D and 3D, is the first requirement, along with other tools, if you are an animation expert or just a beginner. If you are looking for free animation software, WPS is our pick. It provides all necessary tools to create slides, presentations and other tasks.

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