10 best examples of VBA in Excel

August 31, 2022

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10 Best Examples of VBA in Excel is VBA is the abbreviation of Visual Basic for Applications. It is the programming language of MS excel along with other MS office programs like MS Word, PowerPoint etc. Basically, all actions or tasks in MS excel are interpreted in VBA language by the program to perform the desired tasks. These templates are free to download sheets with formulas and better experience.

10 Best Examples of VBA in Excel is beneficial, as the users cannot manipulate the MS excel in VBA, they can create macros to function it. Macro is a specific set of tasks assigned to a button. Formulae can also be put in macros for user-ease. Users can automate the tasks through macros which eventually perform the tasks more quickly. Some of the best examples of VBA in excel are listed below:

Store October Merchandise Sales Monthly Report

This example of VBA in excel records the monthly sales of a store. there is also graphical representation of the data shown in bar graph.

Product Inspection Checklist

Cells for product name along with its other specific details are present in this excel template which is very convenient for product inspection checklist.  

Colorful Excel Schedule

In this template, all the milestones of the organization can be clearly seen which help the management to understand the organization's standing in the industry.

Weekly Colorful Memo

This excel template is a week’s memorandum in which anyone can write the targeted tasks with their targeted days for reminder.

Monthly Household Expenditure Budget

Anyone especially housewives can use this excel template to keep the monthly expenditure budget of the house. All the utilities and other miscellaneous expenses are mentioned in this.

Application Form for Material Procurement

In this template, all the procured materials can be listed to keep record. Number of items purchased with their purchasing amount is quoted in this.

Weekly Work Schedule

In this template, one can schedule his or her weekly work for reminders. This type of template solve the problem of remembering works and for better productivity.

School Purchase Plan

This template is a school purchase plan in which commodities purchased or required for school are listed urgency wise.

Fresh Green Profit Estimate Chart

This example of VBA in excel is the profit estimate of a company. Calculations of profit with the company’s annual budget is written in this.

Travel Account Book

This template can be used personally as well as on corporate level. This template keeps the record of everything on which money is spent during travel.  WPS office can be downloaded for such valuable templates for efficient working.

10 Best Examples of VBA in Excel template sheets are free to download. These examples of VBA in excel are proven to be practically effective to manage things. Software like Excel with its efficient language VBA, make the business more productive, accurate and time savvy to run.  For more details, download WPS Office website to get free templates and get to know about more fascinating features.