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10 Latest Excel Hlookup Templates to Download for Free

August 30, 2022

Spreadsheet is a smart tool which is used for storing information and have formula like additional formula etc.  due to large amount of information in spreadsheets different navigation techniques are developed. Excel HLOOKUP Examples means horizontal look up which is used for finding information from horizontal rows in spreadsheet.

There are many templates of latest free sheet Excel HLOOKUP examples. WPS office provides free sheet templates which is used for entering information and using different Excel strategies like HLOOKUP. These free download templates are easy to use and can be easily modified and updated with information if required any change. The free download sheet is divided in the form of small boxes in which information can be entered as well as updated.

The Minutes of the Meeting

This spreadsheet is mainly used for managing the minutes of meeting and planning.  Here rows are present in spreadsheet where HLOOKUP strategy can be used.

Student Hall Pass Log

This free template is for organizing the information related to the academic background of students.

Product Update Log

This template is used for entering data related to products.  Information is sorted in the form of rows and columns and horizontal look up feature can be used.

Useful Travel Schedule

This template is for sorting travel schedule information like accommodations, transportations etc. Horizontal lookup can also be applied here for navigating information in rows.

General Form of Demand Description

This spreadsheet template is used for sorting information related to demand description.  Different columns are provided to enter information like priority, demand type etc.

Simple Delivery Order

This template is for delivery order for the company. Horizontal look up feature can be applied to identify information from the rows.

Blue Excel for Cost Accounting

This template is for cost accounting including information about items and their date.  A large amount of information is included which requires use of HLOOKUP.

Purchase Request Form for Items

This is a free spreadsheet template for requesting purchase of items.  It has separate columns for information like price, material etc.

Family Shopping List

This is a free automatic calculation spreadsheet template for shopping list. HLOOKUP Can be applied to identify specific items from rows.

Tailspin Toys Report

This spreadsheet template allows managing information including and end of a service as well as accommodation. Many information is sorted in the form of rows where HLOOKUP can be applied.

WPS office is recommended to people for download to get free templates of spreadsheets without any hustle. The best example of Excel HLOOKUP spreadsheet templates are the one which are downloaded from WPS office.  These free templates of spreadsheets are easy to use for both personal as well as business purposes. These free templates of spreadsheets are ready made and prepared to be used by organization for preparation of business documents and organization of information in the form of rows and columns. These templates helps in reducing the time taken by staff for data entry and report formulation.

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