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Latest 10 Daily Planner Notion Templates Available for Download Now

March 22, 2023

Daily planning of your to-do task is a dire need to meet success in your life. Daily planning includes scheduling your routine work in a better way to make them happen. Daily scheduling is required for every business. You can create an attractive daily planner notion template on the word doc. Word doc is the best editor with numerous tempting features.

Despite creating a daily planner notion template by yourself, do smart work by downloading it online from the internet. The Internet has a collection of well-designed daily planner notion templates that make you stand out and look professional in your work. So, Why not go with them? Keep scrolling to catch the best daily planner notion template for your choice:

1. Fresh Daily Schedule Word Template:

To stand out all while creating a daily schedule, you can grab this free daily planner notion template that covers all the important events in a simple & easy to understand manner.

2. Cute Daily Schedule Word Template:

Always choose a template with a high-graphical illustration because it pleases one’s eye while looking at this. So, why not grab this colorful office daily planner notion template?

3. Simple Daily Business Schedule Word Template:

If you want a simple & minimalistic file daily planner notion template. Here you go. This sample template is perfect for you to create your daily schedule while keeping it concise.  

4. Cartoon Daily Plan Word Template:

This website daily planner notion template makes you stand out through its impactful attractive graphical style. This template serves you best while creating a daily schedule for kids.

5. Green Daily Planner Word Template:

Grab this minimalistic online daily planner notion template to look professional while creating your daily schedule. It allows us to create a detailed daily planner for the office.

6. Minimalist Daily Planner Word Template:

This is a unique style sample daily planner notion template in yellow color. You can edit it easily and it helps you to present data concisely.

7. Violet Daily Planner Word Template:

Do you want to schedule your daily routine in detail? This template is a perfect fit for you. Must download this file daily planner notion template to stand out.

8. Daily Work List Word Template:

This is a well-organized free daily planner notion template online. It helps you to create a daily work list where you can filter the urgent or non-urgent work to do.

9. Simple Daily Plan Word Template:

Look at this latest & stylish daily planner notion template that reflects a unique look. You can add your daily schedule to this flexible template efficiently.

10. Work Schedule Planner Word Template:

To create a tempting work schedule, Why not grab this colorful & eye catchy daily planner notion template to stand out? Free download this amazing daily planner notion template.

Where to Find Free Resume Templates:

There are several reliable websites that offer a wide range of free resume templates. You can use these templates to give a professional look to your resume, effectively highlighting your skills and achievements. Following are the five websites that contain a vast collection of free templates. You can customize these templates to meet your specific needs:

WPS Template

The WPS template provides a wide range of templates, including the Notion templates that can be used within the WPS Office suite itself. These templates help create professional-looking documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, saving you time and effort in designing them from scratch. WPS Template is a valuable resource to enhance your productivity and create visually appealing documents using the WPS Office suite.

Wps Template template gallery page


  • Visually appealing designs: All the templates of WPS are professionally designed and provide a visually appealing look to your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets

  • Polished layouts: The pre-designed templates on the WPS template are well structured and well organized. They provide a polished layout and a clear framework for your content.


  • Limited variety: The variety of templates available on the WPS template is limited as compared to Notion’s templates. You might find fewer options to choose from.

  • Compatibility issues: You may face compatibility issues while using WPS templates as these templates are not easily compatible with different office suites and working spaces.

Red Gregory:

Red Gregory offers a vast array of resources and templates that are tailored to various aspects of Notion. These templates have been designed from the perspective of a variety of categories, including individuals, organizations, project management, note-taking and collaboration, etc. These templates will make your Notion experience effortless due to their standout features.

Red Gregory templates Page


  • Provides different categories: Red Gregory templates provide customizable templates and resources that can save you time and effort in setting up your Notion workspace.  Moreover, it offers valuable knowledge, tips, and tricks related to using Notion effectively.

  • Compatibility: These templates have a significant advantage in that they can be easily integrated and used in the Notion workspace. By utilizing Red Gregory templates, you can save time and effort in setting up your Notion workspace from scratch.


  • Outdated templates: The templates at Red Gregory do not get regular updates. Therefore, the content can become outdated and irrelevant sometimes.

Notion Pages:

Notion Pages is an excellent resource for new Notion users who want to get benefit from this versatile tool. Notion Pages offer a vast collection of templates that cater to various aspects of personal and professional life. These templates serve as starting point, providing you with pre-designed layouts, sections, and components that you can customize according to your specific needs and preferences.

Notion Pages Home Page


  • Advanced tips: The standout feature of the Notion Pages is the section on advanced tips, where experienced Notion users share their experiences to enhance the effectiveness of these templates.

  • Unconventional Categories: Along with a wide range of conventional topics, Notion Pages also covers unconventional topics, e.g., unique templates for video game tracking, life curriculum, seasonal goals, and any other unconventional goals.


  • Compatibility: There is a wide range of templates available on Notion Pages, but not all the templates are compatible with all the platforms and workspaces. Depending on the complexity and features used in a template, you may encounter compatibility issues when accessing or using the template.

Notion VIP:

Along with many free templates, Notion VIP also provides premium templates that are specifically designed to revamp and enhance your workspace. These templates go beyond the basics and offer professional-grade designs and functionalities. Another unique feature of Notion VIP is its “Discover Notion A-to-Z” certification. This certification provides a comprehensive and in-depth learning experience that takes you from the basics to advanced techniques.

Notion Vip templates page


  • Comprehensive Learning: The certification offered by Notion VIP makes it a comprehensive learning platform that covers the basics and advanced features as well.

  • Premium Templates: The premium templates offer templates that are specifically designed to meet your needs with advanced structures and features.


  • Cost: The premium templates and certification come with a cost which can be a potential drawback for individuals who are looking for free templates.

How to Use a Notion Template:

Using Notion templates is an easy and straightforward process. Following is the step-by-step guide on how to use a Notion Template

Step 1: Find a template:

The first step of using a Notion template is finding the right template that suits your requirements. You can directly browse through the available templates in the official templates gallery to look for your required template. In addition, you can find the template on other platforms, including Notion Pages, Notion VIP, etc.

Browsing templates on Notion's official template gallery

Step 2: Import / duplicate the template:

Once you have selected the template that meets your needs, you need to copy or import it to the Notion workspace. If you selected the template from the official templates gallery, you only need to click on Get template to start working. Whereas if you have selected the template from any other platform, you need to import this template by clicking on the import button in the top right corner.

Get the Template button to work on your chosen template

Step 3: Customize the template:

After importing or duplicating the template in the Notion workspace, you can edit and customize the template to fill in your personal information. During customization, you can edit text, rearrange elements, and add information specific to your requirements. You can tailor content and customize sections to align the template with your preferences.

Editing and customization of the template

How to Create your own Notion Template:

You can create your own template in the Notion workspace and share it with others. Following is the step-by-step guide to creating your own Notion template from a page:

Step 1: Create a new Notion page

Create New Template button

Step 2: Insert your own content, layout, sections, and elements

Adding your content on the new Notion page

Step 3: Duplicate the page in the side menu

Duplicating the template

Step 4: The new page appears as a template in the templates list

Template added to the list of templates

Step 5: you can use and share this template every time you open Notion templates


How can I share a Notion template with others?

Sharing Notion templates is vital as it allows efficient team collaboration and communication. You can share the Notion template with others by following these easy steps:

1. Open the template in Notion

2. Click on the share button in the control bar

Share button on the control bar

3. Turn On the Share to Web option.

Turning on Share to Web button

4. You can copy the link and share it with anyone on your team

Can I use Notion templates on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use Notion templates on mobile devices. Notion is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to access and utilize templates on your smartphone or tablet.


Notion templates are powerful tools that can significantly enhance your productivity, organization, and collaboration. These templates offer a valuable starting point for new users providing pre-designed structures and layouts that can be customized to fit your specific needs. There are various websites that provide free and premium Notion templates, e.g., Notion official template gallery, WPS template, Red Gregory, Notion Pages, and Notion VIP. When using Notion templates, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each source, such as the level of customization, compatibility, and variety of templates available.

The templates offered by WPS template stand out due to their rich features and cross-platform functionality. WPS Office is a vital tool for individuals and businesses as it offers a robust and versatile office suite that meets the productivity needs of diverse users. You can easily download WPS Office . Whether you're working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or templates, you can seamlessly open, edit, and save files in the WPS Office suite.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.