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10 Most Important Stock Tracker Template Excel

April 27, 2023

Keeping track of your investments is easy with Excel. Simply type text into a cell and convert it to the Stocks data type. WPS Office subscribers can now access stock tracker template excel, which is considered linked data since it connects to an online data source. You can use that connection to bring back interesting, rich information to work on and refresh. Using this investment tracking spreadsheet template will give you an overview of your current stock portfolio with current prices and asset details. Have a look at the list of the stock tracker template excel!

1.Performance OKR Trackers Template

OKR templates are designed to help HR leaders clearly communicate their strategic objectives and monitor their progress toward them. Try this Performance OKR Tracker template!

2.Simple Stock Form Template

Create a customizable simple inventory form for capturing reorder information and stock item names, numbers, and manufacturers. Must try this WPS’s free Simple Stock Form Template!

3.Simple Fresh Invoice Tracker Template

Utilize this invoice tracker template for tracking your accounts receivable. Using this invoice tracker template, you can track payment dates, customer names, amounts due, payments received, and outstanding balances.

4.Simple Task Tracker Template

Create a to-do list, or a task list, or start managing a project with our free Project Task Tracker Excel Template. To measure project progress, it includes both planned and actual columns.

5.Employee Vacation Tracker Template

With our free Employee Vacation Tracker Template, you can easily keep track of your vacations. You can easily customize it to meet your unique absence management needs in a few steps. Have a look at this template!

6.Purchase Order Tracker Template

You will want to use some type of PO tracking system if you deal with many vendors or suppliers and create more than a few purchase order chart per year. Custom PO software or a database solution may be the best option for tracking large numbers of orders.

7.Simple Basic Money Tracker Template

With this accessible personal money tracker template, you can keep track of your money with ease. Let Excel handle the rest once you've entered your starting cash total and your transactions.

8.Warehouse Material Stock List Template

It allows warehouse inventory bin locations to be tracked and maintained through this accessible warehouse inventory template. Using this warehouse inventory template, you can print a pick list, receive a reordering reminder, find information on specific bins, and keep track of inventory value.  

9.Job Candidate Tracker Template

Track job candidates with this spreadsheet. Candidate, opening, and interviewer sheets are included in this candidate tracker template. Must use this WPS’s free Job Candidate Tracker Template!

10.Basic Business Invoice Tracker Template

It's more than just a one-dimensional invoice in this invoice tracker template. Using the invoice tracking template, you can store multiple invoices without having to create multiple files because the template keeps track of customers, invoices, and invoice details.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the stock tracker template excel that you can use easily with WPS Office. Go and download the WPS and use its hundreds of free online templates.

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