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10 Perfect Excel Address Book Template That Will Design Your Books

August 26, 2022

People no longer keep addressing books in today's modern world. It's hard to blame them. Your smartphone currently stores all of your contacts. It is for this reason that people don't even bother writing on templates for address books. Try new Excel Address Book Templates. 

Even though an old-fashioned address book may seem quaint, it is still extremely practical. All your contacts' information would still be backed up if your smartphone were lost. It is also believed that keeping an address book is much simpler than keeping a phone book. Let’s dive into the different excel address book templates!

1.Cartoon Cute Book Cover

Looking for something interesting that will boost your child to open the book and start reading. Try this cartoon cute book cover that is totally free at the WPS office. Just go, download, and print this template. 

2.Romantic Space Book Cover Template

Are you just as passionate about writing stories or books as you are about reading them? It's pretty likely that there are many other people around the world who share your passion for literature and aren't alone in having that passion.

3.Pattern Book Club Flyer Template

The flyer is one of the oldest and most reliable advertising tools. It is common for us to receive flyers everywhere: in our mailboxes, on the street, in stores and restaurants. Let’s try this template formula!

4.Beauty Book Cover Template

Looking for a beauty cover for your brand? A free download of beauty book cover page design templates is available at WPS. Free download of graphic art designs for beautiful book covers.

5.Parrot White Book Cover Template

Create stunning designs for all kinds of projects. Replace the contents with your own details by selecting this Hand-drawn Bird Winter Book Cover template. Don't forget to save and download it when you're done! Easy as pie!

6.Snow Forest Book Cover Template

Make your next marketing campaign or event a success with Snow Forest Book templates. Using this winter scenery frost snow book cover template and other powerful graphic resources, you will be able to customize it easily.

7.Colorful Book List Template

It can be difficult to get readers to pick up your book when it's buried among hundreds of other colorful and dazzling novels. To stand out from the crowd, you need an eye-catching book cover.

8.Simple Address Book Template

A digital address book allows you to keep track of all your contacts in one place. Therefore, it can be very important for someone who needs to communicate with various people, be it via email or telephone. 

9.Fashion Book Cover Template

The fashion book cover template will make your readers shiver with excitement. A blood-red font against a bone-chilling stock photo background makes this book cover perfect for thrillers, mysteries, and mysteries.

10.Education Book Cover Template

The idea of improvement is always a good one, but it is even more so when it is related to education. A good book cover, that is eye-catching and appealing, will help you share your interesting ideas about innovation in education. 

Wind Up

Take the above excel address book templates sheet and choose one from WPS, which you can customize easily. When you're satisfied with the final design, just go to download it. What a simple concept! Go and download WPS Office and enjoy these book templates!                                       

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