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10 Sample Reference Letter Templates Free Download

July 31, 2023

When we apply to an organization for a job. The company may demand a reference letter to confirm that you are skilled and deserve this job. A reference letter is also called a recommendation letter. It is written by a professional person on your behalf and positively covers your skills. In other words, we can say it is a character certificate.

In this article, you will get a sample reference letter template. These templates are designed keeping in view the basic requirements. The reference letter template is easy to edit and you can also take print of it. WPS office software is a website that introduces new reference letter templates most frequently. You can choose from the list of reference letter templates given below:

1. Simple Recommendation Letter Word Template:

If you are looking for a professional free reference letter template, here you go. You can download this well-defined document which is easy to understand to write a detailed reference letter.

2. Excellent Employee Certificate Word Template:

Sometimes, the employee certificate can serve as an office reference letter template. You can also attach this simple template to your office job file. Make sure to free download this sophisticated & eye-catchy reference letter template.

3. Floral Light Brown Certificate Word Template:

Why not grab this sample reference letter template if you are looking for a template that makes you look professional? This template is super easy to edit.  

4. Education Degree Certificate Word Template:

Degree certificates are the best reference letter template. You can grab this green-colored sample reference letter template to stand out. You can edit it in a few minutes.

5. Employment & Income Certificate Word Template:

This versatile reference letter template makes you look awesome because you can customize it accordingly. Free download this sophisticated & neat clean reference letter template.

6. Letter for Business Word Template:

You can edit this simple reference letter template if you are looking for a minimalistic template to present a reference letter here you go.  You can easily edit it accordingly.

7. Simple Grey Business Letter Word Template:

Always design a reference letter template that is easy to understand and showcases the text visibly. This simple gray business template is versatile.

8. Minimalist Business Letter Word Template:

Online reference letter template which is versatile in nature. Edit your company name with the logo on topmost. You can understand this sample template in quite an easy way.

9. Green Business Letter Word Template:

This is the best reference letter template designed in green color. It leaves a good impression on the reader and catches the receiver’s eyes.

10. Simple Business Letter Word Template:

Look how elegant this reference letter template is. This versatile template makes your reference letter look professional and formal. You can grab it online for free.

Make professional reference letter easily with WPS Office:

Reference letter template saves you time & effort by providing an easy-to-edit document that makes you look professional in your work. WPS office software is a website from where I gather the above-mentioned templates. If you want something else, visit the WPS office software. Download the WPS office software.

Reference Letter Template for Microsoft Word

How To Write A Reference Letter

When writing a reference letter, following a proper structure is essential. Here's a general outline to guide you:

  • Salutation: Begin with a formal greeting, addressing the recipient appropriately.

  • First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and your relationship with the applicant. Provide a brief overview of your qualifications to write the reference letter.

  • Second Paragraph (and Third and Fourth): In the body of the letter, highlight the applicant's skills, achievements, and personal qualities. Provide specific examples and anecdotes to support your statements.

  • Letter Closing: Conclude the letter positively, reiterating your recommendation and offering your contact information for further inquiries.

  • Signature: Sign the letter with your full name and professional title.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will a recommendation letter be used?

Recommendation letters are commonly used for applications related to study abroad programs and career recruitment. They serve to validate an applicant's qualifications, skills, and character.

  • Can I mention any weaknesses or areas of improvement in a reference letter?

Unless specifically required, it is generally best to avoid mentioning weaknesses or areas of improvement in a reference letter. Focus on highlighting the applicant's strengths and positive attributes instead.

  • Can I use a reference letter template found online?

Absolutely! Using a reference letter template found online is a convenient and efficient way to create a professional-looking recommendation letter. Choose a template that suits your needs and customize it accordingly.

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