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How to cross reference cells between Excel sheets in WPS Office

January 21, 2022

After reading this tutorial in WPS Official Academy, you will master how to quickly and easily cross reference cells between Excel sheets in WPS Office.

What is the cell reference in WPS Spreadsheet?

Every cell in an Excel spreadsheet has a reference to it, allowing you to locate and refer to the cell even in other sheets. A cell reference is written in the form of the column letter followed by the row number. For instance, the cell reference A1 refers to the cell in column A and the first row.

Steps to cross reference cells between sheets in WPS Spreadsheet

Take this file as an example. Assume that we have a set of data illustrating the sales of different types of fruit in August and September. And the sales in August and September are respectively recorded in the sheet August and September.

Now we want to calculate the total sales of each fruit in two months. Normally we can enter the formula =SUM() in the cell C2; however, in this file, the source data are in different sheets, and thus we can perform the calculation by crossing reference cells as follows.

1. Open the document in WPS Office, and locate the cell in which you want to return the result. Enter the formula =SUM(August!B2+September!B2) in cell C2. Then you will get the total sales of Apple.  

Notes: August and September are the names of the sheets you want to refer to; B2 is the cell of sales in August and September; and the exclamation point ! is used to separate the sheet name and cell location.

2. Drag the fill handle down to fill other cells with the same formula.

More operations about cell references in WPS Spreadsheet

If you want to learn more about reference methods, you can view the free tutorial in WPS Academy:

Relative reference, absolute reference, and mixed reference | WPS Academy Free Office Courses

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