How to add comma in Excel column between names

July 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel uses the comma style to separate different lengths of numbers, such as hundreds, thousands, millions, etc. Users are able to read and spell the numbers incorrectly because to this. Select Format Cells from the right-click menu, then check the option next to Use 1000 separator in the Number section to enable the comma in any cell (,). In the number part of the Home menu ribbons, we may also utilise the comma style. To apply comma style, we can also utilise shortcut keys by hitting ALT + H + K at the same time. The Home tab's Number format area is where you'll find the comma style format.

The thousands separator is another name for the comma style format.

When working on a large table of financial sales data (quarterly, half-yearly, or annual sales data), this format will be quite useful since it applies a comma-style structure, which makes the figures seem nicer. It is used to describe how individual digits behave in respect to groups of thousands, millions, or billions of other digits. A decent substitute for the currency format is the comma style format. To separate thousands, hundred thousand, millions, billions, and other huge figures, the comma style format adds commas. A sort of number format known as comma style adds commas to huge numbers, rounds decimal digits up to two places (so that 1000 becomes 1,000.00), shows negative values in closed parenthesis, and denotes zeros with a dash (-).

ALT + HK is the shortcut key for comma style.

Checking if decimal & thousand separators are enabled or not in Excel is necessary before working on comma style number format. If it is not enabled, we must activate it and update it using the procedures listed below.

1.Click the File tab in Excel to verify decimal and thousands of separators.

2. The Excel Options dialogue box opens when you select Options from the list of items on the left.

3. Excel Options dialogue box. In the list of options on the left, select Advanced.

4. If the Use system separators checkbox is not already checked, choose it by clicking or ticking it under the editing options. Once you choose the Use system separators checkbox, the Decimal separator and Thousands separator edit boxes appear. The thousands separator in this case was a comma, and the decimal separator was a full point. Click OK after that.

5. When you utilise the comma style number format, these separators are automatically added to all the numbers in your worksheet.

How to apply comma in excel

In the example shown below, I have monthly sales data from a firm that includes retail, online, and vendor sales statistics on a monthly basis. In this raw sales data, there is no numerical format added to the data's presentation.

Therefore, for these positive sales amounts, I must use the comma style number format.

1.To show numbers in a comma style number format, select the cells that contain numeric sales data.

2. You may choose the comma symbol and click the Comma Style command in the Number group on the Home tab.

; after

3. When you select the Comma Style option, Excel separates the thousands with a comma and adds two decimal places at the end. This alters the sales amount.

4. You can see that 603889 becomes 6,03,889 in the first cell. The outcome is displayed below.

Note: This was an attempt to show you how to add comma in excel online, 2016 and 2019, in both windows and mac. 

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