Easy steps to combine names in WPS Office Excel

March 21, 2022
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This free tutorial offered by WPS Official Academy is going to guide you through the easy steps to combine names in WPS Office Excel in a detailed way. You are sure to master this must-have office technique in 5 minutes. Let's get started now!

We may sometimes import a table in which the first names and last names are separated into two columns. At this time, we can consider the CONCATENATE function built in WPS system as a solution to combine them.

What is the CONCATENATE function in WPS Office Excel?

The CONCATENATE function is used to combine values in different cells and returns the result as text with delimiter in one single cell.

Ø Syntax

=CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], ...)

Ø Arguements

text1-[required] The first text value to combine.

text2- [optional] The second text value to combine.

Ø Usage Notes

The CONCATENATE function can join up 30 values at most, and the values are combined in the order they appear.

Steps to combine names in WPS Office Excel

1. Open the excel document in WPS Office.

2. Select cell D2, and click the Insert Function button.

3. In the pop-up dialog, enter CONCATENATE in the search box, and select it.

4. In the Function Arguments dialog, input A2 at Text1 and B2 at Text2, and click OK. Now we can see there is no space between two components of the full name.


5. To add a space, add the argument  (two double quotes around a space) in the formula.

6. Finally, drag the fill handle to apply the same function to other cells.

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