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10 Seating Chart Templates to Help Organize Your Classroom

March 15, 2023

Nowadays, seating charts are commonly used by various institutes and individuals to organize seating arrangements for events, whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale event, i.e., sports or concert. There are multiple websites that offer seating chart templates. But it can be difficult for people to choose the best and most suitable website to create a template for an event.

If you are wondering about some good websites to find and create seating chart templates online, you are at the right place. In this blog, you will learn about the top five websites for seating chart templates. Furthermore, you will explore WPS Office, from which you can find one of the best seating chart templates according to your needs.

10 Best Seating Chart Template Free Download

A seating chart is a vital and helpful tool for professionals. It helps them to organize people in an event and ensures everyone has a seat in the event. There are so many types of seating charts that you can tailor according to your needs.

To help you, here are the 10 best seating chart templates that WPS Office offers so you can choose what is suitable for you in times of need.

1. Roman Numeral Seating Chart

The Roman Numeral seating chart template helps the organizers in a great way. Using this template, you can highlight the importance of each person attending the event. You can assign students to specific rows and columns, which makes it easy for you to track everyone’s seating arrangements in the event.

Seating chart with names in 3 columns named with number

2. University Classroom Seating Chart

When it comes to large-level seating arrangements, a University Classroom seating chart template is perfect. It allows the organizers to assign the seat in a logical and defined way. Along with this, you can consider the number of students to assign in each row.

A seating template of classroom with assigned students seats

3. College classroom Seating Chart

The College Classroom seating chart template is designed for smaller classrooms where the students are less than 30. It is quite similar to the University Classroom template. But it works on a smaller level. This seating template helps the organizers to arrange more detailed seating.

A seating chart template with assigned seats for students

4. Creative Classroom Seating Chart

The Creative Classroom seating chart template allows you to become creative with your seating arrangement. It offers a fun twist to the seating arrangements, which means you can arrange the seats of your students by using colors or any shape.

This way, you can creatively define the seats in your classroom.

Seating chart template with assigned seats including teacher’s desk

5. Classroom Student Seating Chart

The classroom Student seating chart template is effective in managing multiple students at once in an event. Using this tool, you can keep track of everyone’s seating arrangements in class or any event.

A seating chart of classroom with assigned students name

6. Simple Classroom Seating Chart

The Simple Classroom seating chart template is an excellent choice to consider in case there are fewer than 15 students in the classroom. This will help in arranging the seats of students in an orderly manner without any features and frills. You can simply arrange your students and ensure they are comfortable with seating.

Seating chart template of classroom with four rows and columns

7. Horizontal Classroom Seating Chart

The Horizontal Classroom seating chart template is another perfect template for managing larger classes. It will allow you to span more rows and columns. Using this template, you can easily and quickly assign the seats to the students and keep track of their number in each row.

seating chart template containing four rows and five columns

8. Kindergarten Classroom Seating Chart

The Kindergarten Classroom seating chart template is designed specifically to meet the needs of younger students. This template features larger blocks with visuals. It helps the young children to stay organized and well seated during class time. It is also effective for classroom group activities.

seating chart template of classroom with 4 by 4 groups

9. Blank Classroom Seating Chart

The Blank Classroom seating chart is one of the perfect templates for those who want to be creative with their seating arrangements in class. It offers the flexibility to draw or spot your own seat without any restrictions.

seating chart template of blanks seats for students

10. Elementary Classroom Seating Chart

The Elementary Classroom seating chart template is a great template for all types of classrooms, whether they are larger or smaller. This template features a simple and easy design which makes it easy for teachers to arrange seats in any grade level.

a classroom seating chart of 2 students groups

Top 5 Free Seating Charts Template Websites

There are numerous websites and tools that offer seating chart templates.But here are top five most reliable and effective websites that you can consider:

1. WPS Office

a preface of a website demonstrating features and tools

WPS Office is a business management suite that allows experts, corporations, and organizations to manage their office tasks effectively. You can use this suite to find the best seating chart templates online.


It offers a wide range of features which you can look at in the below list:

  • Creating

  • Editing

  • Managing (documents, presentations, and spreadsheets)


It is a cross-platform software package including small and effective programs that work on all kinds of devices and software. You can explore all editions, including the free ones.


  • The visualization sector is poor.

  • For advanced features, you will have to purchase it.

2. Canva

A preface of a website demonstrating tools and designs

Canva is known as an online design and visual communication website. Canva has the vision to help everyone around the globe to create and design anything. You can find a great number of templates for all your needs to create, download, and publish.


Offers the opportunity to create professional-looking posters, resumes, slideshows, images, flyers, cards, and certificates.


  • Easy to create and customize

  • Easy to download and share

  • Millions of designs and templates


  • Dependence on the Internet connection

  • Export limitations in quality and resolution in the free version

3. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is one of the easiest and most effective diagramming tools in the market. Its effectiveness is reviewed by its users, which you can check.


  • Professional looking diagrams

  • Flowcharts

  • Floor plans and more


  • It is integrated with other software and platforms

  • User-friendly

  • Easy to drag-and-drop interface

  • Convenient features


It is premium software which means you have to pay a price to use it. It has limited customizability.

4. Visual Paradigm Online

It is an online cloud-based diagramming and designing platform which offers multiple features for the visualization of documents.


It is one of the best seating chart creators as it is fast and easy to use.


  • Simple and powerful as it has great tools and features.

  • Easy to export and share according to the needs.


  • Pricing as you have to purchase a premium version for advanced features.

  • Internet dependency to create and save files.

  • WeddingWire

A preface of a wedding organizing website for couples

It is a popular website and directory for weddings. It offers an online suite to plan and organize a wedding, including a wedding seating chart and wedding checklists according to your needs.


  • User-friendly

  • Easy to customize

  • Free wedding website

  • Allow you to get direct RSVP


  • Customizable layout

  • Drag and drop functionality

  • Easy-to-print options


  • Limited customization

  • Cost to upgrade the wedding plan to access certain features

Why Should You Use Seating Charts?

Seating charts are one of the effective tools which allow organizers to ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience for all the attendees of an event.

To explore the reasons why seating charts are important, here is a list to consider:

  • Efficient use of space

Seating charts help the organizers to utilize the given space efficiently so everyone finds a seat to enjoy the event without overcrowding the event.

  • Comfortable seating

The seating chart ensures all the guests will get a seat in the event and prevent any awkward situations in the event. For example, by assigning seats, everyone will get comfortable seating so no one finds the need to stand alone in the event.

  • Enhanced socializing

Grouping guests can increase socialization during the event. Using a seating chart, organizers can group guests according to their backgrounds and interests to encourage networking.

FAQs about Seating Chart

Q. How to Make a Seating Chart?

To create a seating chart, you can find multiple websites online. Visit them using your desired search engine and look for the template.

Once you discover a suitable template, you can create it according to your needs and assign the seats as per the guest number. Once the seating chart is created, you can save and print it.

Q. Which is the Best Tool for Creating a Seating Chart?

There are a number of websites and templates you can find online. In the beginning, we mentioned the best tools to create a seating chart as per your need and event. But if you want to choose a reliable tool, WPS Office has a wide range of templates for seating charts that will meet your needs.

Q. How long does it take to Create a Seating Chart?

Depending on the template and tool you are using, it will take 10 to 15 minutes to create an effective seating chart.

How Creating a Seating Chart Using WPS Seating Chart Template is Effective

These 10 seating chart templates and websites will help you to organize and assign seats to your guests effectively and easily. But you need to ensure you are using the right template on the right website, so all your guests will get a seat at the event.

If you are looking for an easy-to-manage and easy-to-create seating chart, you can consider WPS Office.

It is one of the best tools to create a seating chart for classrooms and other social gatherings. It helps the users to customize the seating chart from the 10 templates mentioned above.

It provides all the tools to edit, create and print a seating chart that looks great. You can also explore more features on WPS Office such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on LINUX, Windows, iOS, Mac and Android。

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