10 Simple Leave Tracker Excel Template for 2021

September 30, 2022

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One of my teammates is responsible for creating a leave tracker excel template for 2021 for the whole team. A vacation/holiday tracker template is used to track team members' vacations/holidays. Previously, she used an Excel Gantt chart, but she wanted something more functional.

Hence, I created this guide of 10 Leave Tracker Excel Template for 2021 to make leave management easier and track her team's annual and monthly leave. Have a look at these!

1. Leave Application Form Template

Employees are expected to follow all regulations and work diligently when working for an organization. A leave application form is required when he needs to take a leave. Must try this leave application form template!

2. Simple Basic Money Tracker Template

Keeping track of your money has never been easier thanks to this accessible personal money tracker template. Allow Excel to do the rest by entering your starting cash total and each transaction. 

3. Job Candidate Tracker Template

Candidate, job openings, and interviewer sheets are included in this job candidate tracker template. Scheduling interviews, entering feedback, following up with candidates, and much more is made easier with filterable categories.

4. Employee Vacation Tracker Template

The Employee vacation leave tracker template can be used to track employee leaves for a year (of a financial year with the option to choose the month to start the year). Must try this sheet!

5. Basic Business Invoice Tracker Template

You can choose from a variety of free business templates and premium spreadsheet solutions at WPS. By starting a project with a good template, you can save a lot of time and frustration. Take a closer look at this basic business invoice tracker template!

6. Simple Task Tracker Template

You can track tasks using a spreadsheet in many ways, from simple to-do lists to more advanced Gantt charts, as illustrated in the Excel task list templates on this page. WPS offers a free simple task tracker template!

7. Performance OKR Tracker Template

If you’re looking for a performance tracker template that can help you to track your students or employees' performance. Then this place is right for you. We’ve come up with a performance OKR tracker template to easily track employees', volunteers', or students' performance with this spreadsheet.

8. Simple Fresh Invoice Tracker Template

The invoice tracking template allows you to store multiple invoices without having to create multiple files. It maintains a history of customers, invoices, and invoice details. Using this invoice tracker template, you can also analyze previously invoicing information.  

9. Simple and Useful Attendance Sheet Template

An employee attendance sheet is a surefire way to track your employees' working hours while ensuring their correct payment. Use this simple and useful attendance sheet template!

10. Simple Purple Invoice Tracker Template

A healthy business requires tracking invoices, but it's not always straightforward. Our template allows you to keep track of payment dates, customer names, invoice numbers, due dates, payments, payment methods, and anything else you need.

Wind Up

I hope the above leave tracker excel template for 2021 might help you to maintain your employees' leave records. WPS offers hundreds of free online templates so go and download the WPS.