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10 useful matrix in excel template

August 31, 2022

There are many reasons for which spreadsheets can be used mainly in companies including organization of data.  Free sheet are so useful mainly because of calculation formulas which are already available in the spreadsheet templates.  These formulas help in conducting various mathematical calculations without any effort which is smart move for the managers. Matrix In Excel Templates helps a lot in business.

There are many examples of useful matrix in excel template which can also be for free download from WPS office.  WPS office provided the unique feature of free download useful Matrix in Excel template.  The free sheet templates available on WPS office are very easy to use and the unique feature which makes them specially useful include the ability of editing and updating.

Fresh Travel Bookkeeping Form

This spreadsheet template is used for travel bookkeeping.  It also presents the information incorporated in the form of pie chart with different color coding.

Monitoring Records of the Physical Condition of Isolated People in Community

This spreadsheet template is used for monitoring the records of physical condition of people who are isolated in the community.  Different color coding rows and columns are presented to indicate effective information.

Record of Daily Diagnosis and Treatment in XX Hospital

This spreadsheet template is used for daily diagnosis of people and treatment conducted in a hospital.  The performance of the patient as well as their admission date in the hospital is also noted in this spreadsheet.

Monthly Report of Goods in and out of Branch Stores

This template is used for maintaining a monthly report of goods in and out of the branch stores of a company.  The name of the shop as well as the end life of inventory are also mentioned associated with every product

One-week Attendance Check-in Form

This spreadsheet template act as a checklist for one week attendance.  It can be used for checking the monthly as well as weekly performance and presence of individuals

Attendance Chick-in Sheet

This spreadsheet template is also created for being used as an attendance checklist form.  Complete absentees as well as early leaves are also mentioned in a separate column

Statement of Changes in Equity

This spreadsheet is developed or better recording of changes in equity in a form of statement.  The objectives assigned to every task is also mentioned in this spreadsheet template

Simple Fresh Class Schedule

This spreadsheet template is used as a schedule for fresh class starting.  It incorporates the details about meals on daily basis as well as hourly division of subjects and lectures

Annual Budget Statem

This spreadsheet template is used for recording the annual budget statement.  It assigns goal and objective associated with a certain fiscal year in terms of gross profit

Fresh Green Business Budget

This template spreadsheet is used for organizing the budget of business.  Percentage of cost of every product from the overall budget is also mentioned in this spreadsheet template. The examples provided of spreadsheet templates are the best examples of Matrix in Excel.

WPS office should be downloaded by people to get free spreadsheet which is easy to use. Downloading WPS Office is a smart move for people.

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