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How to write matrix in Word

June 27, 2023

Matrices are an essential part of mathematics and have wide applications in various fields, including physics, engineering, computer science, and economics. A matrix is a rectangular exhibition of digits, characters, or articulations organized in rows and columns. It is a powerful tool that can help to solve complex problems efficiently.

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Steps on How to write matrix in Word

By following the shortcut method and easy formula step by step on how to write matrix in Word you can crack this trick easily.

Step 1

Select and open your WPS document.

Step 2

We have to go to the “Equation editor” with the shortcut key in Windows “Alt +=” or on mac “control + =”.

Step 3

In the "Equation" window, type your matrix and put the mouse pointer in the centre of the brackets.

Step 4

To insert a matrix, we just have to use a formula i.e “ \matrix”.

Step 5

To add the no. of column use the “@” sign and to add the no. of row use the “&” sign. No. of times you press the signs in include no. of rows and columns.

  • No. of @ = no.of rows -1

  • No. of & = no. of columns -1

Step 6

After the entry of formulas closes the bracket and press space. And that creates your matrix.

Step 7

You can add colour, remove or add a heading and resize it further with equation tools in the ribbons.

That’s it with this shortcut method and easy steps you know how to write matrix in Word WPS.



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