Add borders in WPS Spreadsheet

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Add borders in WPS Spreadsheet

Add borders in WPS Spreadsheet

WPS Office Suite is a high-performance and reliable office suite designed to protect data and information for both PC and mobile office software users.When using WPS Spreadsheet, sometimes we need to add or remove the cell borders.

Click Create New to create a blank table.

The default gridlines can be hidden, so the borders to be added can be clearly displayed.

Click the Tool icon in the lower-left corner. Head to View, then select Hide.

Click Hide Gridlines, then the gridlines will disappear.

If we click Hide Gridlines again, the gridlines will be displayed.

Here, we choose to click Hide Gridlines.

Edit in a certain range of cells. Click the Tool icon  and find the Border function in the Home tab. You can choose different border effects according to your needs.

For example, if All Borders is selected, borders are added to the cell boundaries within the box selection range.

We can also add a diagonal line to a cell for multiple headers.

Head to Sheet2, we will find the title and name have been set in advance.

ClickMoreto select more border styles.

Add a diagonal line from the upper-left corner to lower-right.

How to can we remove the borders we added? Very simply, just select No Border.

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