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Arrange tools in WPS Presentation

Uploaded time: November 3, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Arrange tools in WPS Presentation

Arrange tools in WPS Presentation

Arrange tools in WPS Presentation allow users to adjust the object layout, group objects, and rotate objects. The Arrange tools make it easier to manipulate images, shapes, and other elements.

Usually, the latest created object is placed at the front of a slide.

If we want to change the object layouts, here are the steps.

1. Choose an object.

2. Go to Home and click Arrange.

3. Choose Bring to Front in the drop-down menu.

Another option to realize it is shown below.

1. Select the object.

2. Click the Stacking Order button on its right for quick settings on the layout. (Options for layout also include Sent to Back, Bring Forward, and Bring Backward.)

3. Click the Arrange dropdown button and choose Select All for all objects within the slide. (The shortcut key of 'Select All' is Ctrl+A.)

When adjusting the position for objects, it would be a waste of time to drag them one by one. To optimize the operation process, we can group the objects as a whole.

1. Select the objects to be grouped.

2. Click Arrange.

3. Choose Group.

In this way, we can move the grouped objects as a whole.

In addition, we can choose from 'Align' and 'Rotatein the Arrange dropdown menu.

For more tutorials, please visit the official website of WPS Academy.

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