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Best Online Examples of Pecha Kucha Presentations Templates

September 8, 2022

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format from Japan. Each slide lasts 20 seconds; it means a 20-slide presentation without any time for questions. People are regularly asked to present insights and information in an unorthodox way. Presentation templates, like these best online examples of Pecha Kucha presentations, can bridge the gap between school and work, helping us organize our thoughts better while the audience pays attention.

This blog post contains the best online examples of Pecha Kucha presentation templates, which will help you present your presentation in a limited time. Here we go!

1.Cartoon Education Presentation template

This accessible children's PowerPoint presentation template features illustrations of children playing and a wide-open blue sky with fluffy clouds. You can download and easily edit.

2.Staff Style Annual Meeting Presentation Template

This format has many examples, including examples for a cartoon about preschool education and an annual meeting display. You will find some of these templates on WPS templates. You can see them, pick the style you like, download it, and start making your presentation quickly.

3.The Universal Presentation For Teacher Template

If you want to do a universal presentation, the universal presentation for teacher template is a great template to follow. Remember to include copious images in your slides and give each slide a theme—you'll be set!

4.Pink and Blue Simple Presentation Template

Use this pink and blue simple presentation template to highlight the different aspects of your presentation. They are universal and do not depend on a specific industry. Make your presentation easy to follow and to follow along with!

5.Simple Cartoon Presentation For Minimalist Template

Enjoy the fun and creativity of a simple cartoon presentation for the minimalist template. Remember to use your presentation as a tool to bring light to your idea and audience through creativity.

6.Pink and Blue Fresh Education Presentation Template

The pink and blue fresh education presentation template has a simple and creative background. It is easily downloaded and edited according to your need for presentation.

7.Green Fashional Summary Presentation Template

. The green fashionable summary presentation template is the best example of Pecha Kucha templates. If necessary, you can also append your presentation with an opening, closing, and call to action slide. In addition, you can also have a choice of lifestyle, art, or current event as your opening slide.


8.Abstract Colorful Education Presentation Template

Every Pecha Kucha presentation is unique, as it starts at a different time as well as with different sizes of slides. However, the abstract colorful education presentation template has all the content format you need to add.

9.Fresh Plant Education Presentation Template

A fresh plant education presentation template can help you concentrate on your presentation's content instead of worrying about the presentation itself. Template designs are also helpful to ensure your presentation stays consistent, so audiences can focus on your message rather than the format of your presentation.

10.Fresh Japanese Presentation Template

You can download the PPT of the Fresh Japnese Education Presentation template for free in WPS Template. Easily edit and improve work efficiency using the free PPT template. You effortlessly customize this template.


There are several great ideas and suggestions for creating presentation templates on the Internet. You can make the perfect presentation by following one of these best online examples of Pecha Kucha presentations and creating something unique and creative to suit your needs. Download the WPS office, and you will find several Pecha Kucha templates except for the templates mentioned above.

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