Change paper orientation and size for printing

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Change paper orientation and size for printing

Change paper orientation and size for printing

How can we change the paper orientation for printing in WPS Writer? This video can help us and it can be also used in Microsoft Office Word and Openoffice.

Take this word document as an example.

1. Get into the Page Layout tab, where we can find the Orientation and Size buttons.

2. Click the Orientation button. Then, we can choose either Portrait or Landscape as the page orientation.

3. Click the Size button. Then we can see several default styles of paper sizes provided by WPS Office. 

If we want to customize the paper size, here are the steps.

1. Click More Paper Sizes in the Size dropdown list.Then, there is a popup dialog, where we can change the paper width and height in the Paper size category.

2. If we want to adopt a square size of the paper, for example, we can enter 30 in both the Width and Height input boxes.

3. As for the range to apply the settings, we can change it in the category of Preview. In this case, we set it as Apply to: Whole document. Finally, click OK to apply the settings.