Conditional Formatting for data virtualization

Uploaded time: November 3, 2021 Difficulty: Beginner

Conditional Formatting for data virtualization

Conditional Formatting for data virtualization

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Do you know how to virtualize data with the Conditional Formatting function? The worksheet presents the data of 'Likes to views ratios'. 

Today's tutorial will take this sheet as an example for data virtualising.


Select the cell range B2:B10. Go to Home and click Conditional Formatting. Next, choose Data Bars and then the red Gradient Fill option. After that, we can see the data virtualized with red bars.


Although the data in cell B13 is 66.42%, as we can see, the data bar fills the whole cell. This is because WPS Spreadsheet considered 66.42% as the largest proportion.


Select the cell range B2 to B10 and choose Manage Rules in Conditional Formatting. In the popup, click Edit Rule to open another dialog Edit Formatting Rule.


Next, choose Number respectively in the category Minimum and Maximum.

Then, enter '1' in the Maximum input box. Here '1' refers to '100%'.

Finally, choose No Border under the Border category and click OK.


That's all for the tutorial on virtualizing data. Did you get it?