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Convert Word to PDF non editable swiftly

November 14, 2022

Word document is the top choice when you have to generate some content in the form of writing and if you want to share it then converting it into PDF format is the most desirable option.  To convert your word to PDF non editable format swiftly you can use the services of WPS office which are available for free and can be accessed online.  These services are compatible with different devices like windows for PC and Mac therefore diversifying its scope of use by different users of different digital devices.

Steps to convert word into non editable PDF

It is very easy to convert any type of Word document into non editable PDF because PDF format are usually non editable in nature therefore making them extremely secure for the purpose of sharing across different operating systems and different people.  Following are the series of stress which can be followed to convert word into non editable PDF document:

1.From WPS Academy WPS office can be downloaded.  Open the Word document that you want to convert into non editable PDF using WPS office software available for free.

2.In navigation bar click on menu which will direct you to the option of export to PDF.

3.Then the export to PDF window dialog will open here you need to select the document that you want to convert into PDF format and then select the option of input the export page.

4.Safe part option can be selected along with selection process which will save the document into the location selected by you.

5.The last step is to select export type where you have to choose between two options namely common PDF for image PDF.  For converting your Word document into PDF for free select the common PDF option and then export to PDF

6.In this way your Word document will be easily converted into PDF in a professional way and now it cannot be edited therefore it means that your Word document have been secured in the form of PDF and can also be easily shared with people thanks to exceptional services of WPS office PDF converter

After learning so many unique features and qualities which are offered to you by WPS office what are you waiting for?  Hurry up and go now to WPS office Academy so that you can download WPS office complete package for free which will not only give you option of editing PDF but will also gives you the choice of using numerous and abundant features associated with software editing related to word, excel, PowerPoint and conversion of these documents into another format etc. if you download WPS office for free right now it will also give you the benefit and reward of getting a free membership for this best online software along with using the features like how to convert word to PDF non editable swiftly.  So download now your best software copy for WPS office from the WPS Academy website and start your learning process for editing skills. Download WPS Office and get amazing features, you won’t regret it.

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