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How to convert Word to editable PDF?

October 28, 2022

Now, PDF format files occupy a larger and larger proportion in our work and life, which brings us convenience and brings a lot of troubles at the same time. For example, converting a Word document to a PDF file can be a headache. We often edit Word documents first and then convert them to PDF format. But this is only suitable for use with a single file, and the converted pdf file cannot be edited. If you find errors in the PDF file, you need to modify it in the word document and convert it to a pdf file again. This is really inconvenient. So is there any good way to convert a Word document into an editable PDF document?

The software we use here is WPS office. This is one of the best office software, including word, excel, ppt and PDF tools. Its PDF tool not only supports converting word documents to PDF files, but also can directly edit the content of PDF files. In this way, after you convert word to pdf, you can directly edit the content of pdf. The following is a brief introduction to the use of WPS PDF editor.

First, you need to download the software on the official website, use your browser to search for WPS Office, and after downloading, follow the instructions of the installation wizard to install it. Then double-click the software icon on the desktop with the left mouse button to open WPS Office.


- How to convert Word to PDF?

1. Open the WPS OFFICE software, find the PDF tab in the main interface, and select word to pdf;

2. Upload the word document, or search for the word file in the folder to upload;

3. Click to convert, it only takes less than a minute to complete the conversion;

- How to edit pdf files?

1. Find the generated pdf file in the output folder and open it again with WPS Office.

2. In the PDF editor, select edit, you can directly modify the text in the content.

3. After modifying the content, click Save File.

The above is all the content of converting Word to PDF format. Have you learned it yet? Not just word to pdf, WPS PDF editor also supports excel.ppt, image and other files to be converted to pdf files. You can also convert PDF files to word, excel.ppt, image and other formats. In addition to the function of format conversion, the PDF editor also includes a lot of functions to modify text, add notes, and add signatures.

WPS Office can easily handle the conversion of word to editable pdf, which provides great convenience to our work and study. Documents in PDF format can be widely used in our lives, such as when writing a cover letter, writing a resume, and writing an electronic contract. In order to prevent our private information from being easily copied and changed, the document in PDF format can be used. Help us solve it easily. Hurry up and try WPS Office software, it supports pc, tablet and mobile phone, and also supports windows, macos and other systems. Download the software now and get a free membership. I believe you will love it!

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