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Customize the formats to show data changes

Uploaded time: March 28, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

Customize the formats to show data changes

Customize the formats to show data changes

Comparing and analyzing similar data is something we have to do. Today, we will look at how to customize the formats to show data changes.

Take this table as an example. Subtract the data of 2018 from that of 2019 to get the difference. Positive numbers show progress, while negative numbers indicate underperformance and entail attention.

To better illustrate, we want to display the increase in green and highlight the decrease in red with a * symbol. Right-click the data area and choose Format Cell, its shortcut is Ctrl+1.


Then click Custom in the pop-up window.

Enter [Green]0.00 at Type. By doing so, the positive numbers and zero will be displayed in green.

Then, enter a semicolon to separate.

Enter [Red]*-0.00. This code string means that negative values will be displayed in red with a * symbol attached in front of the numbers.

After entering, click OK.  And different symbols and colors will be used to indicate data changes.


Of course, customizing other formats is available. Did you get it?

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