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Edit scanned PDF files

November 30, 2022

PDF files that contain scanned images of a specific document are known as scanned PDFs. Because scanned PDFs are only collections of images with no actual text, users are typically unable to search over the text in scanned PDFs.

Editing a scanned PDF:

Editing a scanned PDF is challenging because it is an image-based PDF file. A scanned PDF also does not allow you to annotate or highlight the content. Does this imply that you cannot fully alter an image within a PDF? That is not true. The OCR feature included in our WPS Office software allows you to alter scanned PDFs.

The best technique to edit a scanned PDF in Mac or Windows is to use the WPS Office program online for free. You can download the WPS Office suite for free using our website. Let us provide you with detailed instructions for the proper installation of the software.

Installation of WPS Office:

Visit our online website, and make sure you have a good and fast internet connection to download the software quickly.

Click on “ Free to Download”. The WPS Office suite is safe to download so you don’t have to worry about getting any viruses on your PC or Mac.

The software starts installing on your device as shown:

Once the WPS Office software is installed, the following window opens up on the screen. Press “Get Started”.

The WPS Office software requires the users to sign in. For this, a separate window in the browser opens up so you can sign in using your account.

As you press the “Get Started” button, after signing in, you can see the wide range of features listed in the new window. Select “Open PDF” as you want to edit a scanned PDF.

The software allows you to select the desired scanned PDF file you want to edit. I chose the “ image-based-pdf-sample”.

Now, that your PDF file is visible on the screen of your PC or Mac, select the “Tools” tab from the ribbon bar located on the upper side of the screen.

Now, choose the “OCR” tool so that your scanned PDF file can be converted into an editable PDF.

The OCT tool feature then allows you to select the required area of the scanned PDF so that you can convert an area of the image to text.

The next step is to extract the text or if you want to keep the layout of the text you can also select “Convert to Word “ for which WPS Office provides a free trial! I chose “Extract text only “.

And there you go! It takes only a couple of seconds for the conversion. Now you can copy the text for which the premium version of WPS Office is required.

All three options can be used by the users with the premium version. If you also want to become a member of the premium version, check out we’ve got the following payment plans for you.

If you wish to alter your scanned PDF, you must follow all of the stages. Not only you will get the desired outcome, but WPS Office will also ensure that you enjoy additional advantages.

WPS Office has many features for its users to get their work done easily and effectively. Our WPS Office software is free to download for both Windows and Mac platforms. What are you waiting for? Download WPS Office right away to save time!

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