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Example of an Outline for a PowerPoint Presentation

September 9, 2022

Do you have a presentation in the works that you're about to give to your office team soon? Presentation is a serious business, so you must ensure proper projection. Then, it would be helpful if you went for a speech example of an outline for a PowerPoint presentation template beforehand to have the entire structure of your presentation before preparing the final delivery. It will keep your delivery organized and consistent; we've got sample presentation templates suitable to work on and present through any software.

Ideally, this example of an outline for a PowerPoint presentation outline template is an

excellent time saver. You do not have to create one from scratch. You only need to download it and start using it right away. In this article, we've sorted through all PowerPoint presentation examples for your company and business outlines.

1.Work Outline Presentation Example

You will often be required to make a presentation at your workplace. Creating an outline can help ensure an excellent flow for your production. Use this piece of work outline presentation example to make your formal outline.

2.Simple Project Outline Presentation Example

This is a high-quality template. Although you can create your own from the ground up, downloading this for free sounds like the best option. Use the template to organize your ideas and create a better presentation afterward.

3.Simple Business Outline Presentation Example

Here you can download this template to create your presentation. This one is not a design you need to make yourself. Here you can download it free. Use this to create an outline of an entire presentation for the best results.

4.Professional Business Lists Outline Presentation Example

This template helps you stack important content and objects and must be eye-catching in design. It would help if you structured every aspect of the presentation outline template so that it meets all your criteria and you have no trouble.

5.Project Task List Outline Presentation Example

Project management is about aligning the team with the right tasks and deadlines. The slide above provides a table chart for task classification. Each activity will be assigned a role or group, and you'll get a comprehensive overview of how it interacts with the others.

6.Project to do List Outline Presentation Example

Another helpful type of list is the priority task list. It may look like a simple to-do list, but a clear understanding of the teams’ priority tasks makes all the difference in a successful project. In this slide, you’ll be able to set your top three priority tasks and add a brief description for each.

7.Project Implementation Plan Outline Presentation Example

Your ideas, goals, and other considerations can be backed up using this project implementation plan PowerPoint presentation sample. Use it to demonstrate that you have a firm grasp of the subject. Depending on your needs and business requirements, you can use this PPT presentation for internal and external presentations.

8.Program Plan Timeline Outline Presentation Example

Organization of tasks is critical to long-term team projects.  In this program plan outline presentation example, you will find a list of to-do lists, numbered lists, team bullet lists, multi-level lists, and other lists for team alignment.

9.Basic Event Planning Outline Presentation Example

Have a problem related to customer retention and growth in your business? The template is an excellent way to organize, prioritize, and complete all the necessary tasks for your event. In addition, it is possible to track each item as they progress toward completion by choosing a specific deadline.

10.Fresh Project Planning Outline Presentation Example

You can use these fresh project planning presentation list slides for personal organization or make the best of them by adding them to your project presentations. They’re 100% editable and ready to impress any audience.


Everyone has likely used forms, guides, and templates at some point in their lives, whether for college applications, learning a technique, or giving a presentation at work. However, many people may not know the difference between each of these. So, if you are working on a project and are trying to figure out whether you should use a form or a guide, then the following article might help you. WPS Office has provided all the templates related, for example, an example of an outline for a PowerPoint presentation and many more, which are easy to edit and can be customized. Download and get more benefits.

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