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Excel file editor online free download

July 22, 2022

Sometimes you are presented with excel files which you need to edit. If you don’t have proper platform for viewing them, you don’t need to worry about plugins, app or software to open files as you can quickly edit excel files online without any installation.

There are plenty of free extensions and websites available these days that allows you to edit excel files online. Most of them are supported through different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOs, etc. You can use any device to edit excel files online, you just need to be online or in other words have internet connection. In order to edit excel file online, you can use any modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

 While you edit excel files online, you don’t need to worry about excel file format as you can convert the formats as well. The best thing about all these websites and extension is that most of them are free to use.

Here is guide on how you can edit excel files online without installing any applications.

How to edit excel file with website

The first and easiest option is to look for a website. You can find many different website on internet.

  1. First of all open the website of your choice.

  2. Then upload the excel file that needs to be edited.

  3. If the website have templates then you can also select from given templates to create a new excel file.

  1. Once the file has opened, you can edit it easily.

  2. Then you can download the edited version of the file.

  3. Also, you don’t need to download the edited excel file in the same format but you can change the format as well.

How to edit excel file with extension

In order to use extension to edit excel files, you need to download the extension. Here is how you can download the extension to edit files online.

  1. Open the extension.

  2. Click add to chrome, if you are using google chrome.

  1. Click add extension.

  1. You will be given notification once the extension has been downloaded.

  1. Now you can open the excel files from google drive or create a new one.

  2. Once you are done with editing, save it in your desired format.

How to edit excel files online with  google sheets

The free, web-based Google Docs Editors package comes with a spreadsheet tool called Google Sheets which allows you to edit and create excel files online. Here is how you can create and edit excel files online with google sheets.

  1. Search google sheets on google.

  2. Click on go to sheets

  3. Now you will have interface where you can edit excel file or create a new one.

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