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How to Open WPS File Online for Free (The Beginner’s Guide)

November 15, 2023

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If you are a beginner and find it difficult to open .wps file online, this simple guide will help you to add ease and convenience to your documents-related task with a reliable WPS Office application for free.

To enhance productivity in your work, you can use a convenient approach – wps file converter. It helps you to learn how to change WPS Office to Microsoft Office to work seamlessly in your personal and professional life.

What Is a WPS File

WPS file is a type of file that is found in text format by using the ‘.wps’ extension. These WPS files are very compatible with many word processing applications on multiple devices, providing you great ease in your work.

How to Open a WPS File Online for Free

During the handling of your document, if you are speculating how to open a WPS File online for free. For this, you can consider the Jumpshare online viewer that supports the WPS file format – allowing you to open.wps file online for free.

Here is a simple method with an easy approach that you can follow:

Step 1: Go to the provided link: https://jumpshare.com/viewer/wps, redirecting you to a free online source to open.wps file online.

Step 2: Now, click on the Choose WPS File button.

wps opening file

Step 3: Select your desirable WPS file and click on the Open button.

located file area

Step 4: The WPS File you have selected will start Uploading in a few minutes.

located file area

Step 5: After the Upload Complete, you can simply click on View Your Document of your WPS file online for free.

viewing file wps

Step 6: You can view your WPS file online for free to read it with great convenience.

view mode


Using Jumpshare is the most reliable approach to consider for viewing a WPS File online for free. It’s hassle-free and friendly to use. If you still find it difficult at first, you can consider the above mentioned simple step method to avoid all ambiguity.

How to Convert a WPS File to Other Formats Online for Free

The conversion of WPS files to other formats is needed for everyone, especially those working in the business field. So, if you are a beginner and are speculating how to convert a WPS File to other formats online for free, you may prefer to use Cloudconverter – the most reliable approach.

Below is the simple step-by-step method that you can consider at the beginner level to convert a open.wps file online to other formats online for free:

Step 1: You just need to click on https://cloudconvert.com/wps-converter; this link will redirect you to WPS Converter main interface.

cloud converter main interface

Step 2: Now, you can select the File Type (other formats) in which you want to convert your WPS File.

variety  in file types

Step 3: You can see multiple options in the Document Format, and it’s up to you which one you prefer for your WPS File to convert.

various format in the document

Step 4: You can have an Image Format with different approaches to converting WPS File.

various image formats

Step 5: Suppose you want to convert WPS File into TXT Format. Select it.

file type selection

Step 6: After selecting Format, Click on the Select File option.

option to select desirable file

Step 7: Now, Select your desirable WPS File and click on the Open option.

file selection to open

Step 8: After selecting the file, simply go with the Convert option.

file type conversion

Step 9: The selected file is getting ready while Processing, taking just a few seconds.

processing file type way

Step 10: Once done with conversion, click on the Download option.

respective file download

How to Open WPS File Offline for Free with WPS Office

WPS Office official website

WPS Office is really a great software rich with advanced features, adding a lot of convenience to your work – document handling and exchange. It helps you to create, manage, open, convert, and scan all file formats with great convenience.

There are various features of WPS Office that other softwares don’t have, especially Microsoft Word. Let’s have a look at the Features of WPS Office:

  • Reliable

  • Easy to Use

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Supports all other Compatible Applications

  • Edit, Create PDF, Use Templates, Scan, and More to Modify your Document.

  • Convenience in Accessing Files Offline and Online

  • All-in-One Functionality

Thus, if you are speculating how to open a WPS File offline for free with the help of WPS Office, here is a simple step-by-step guide especially for beginners:

Step 1: On your computer, Open the WPS Office application.

main wps terminal

Step 2: Go to the My Computer option and Select the WPS file that you want to open Offline.

device location for selecting file

Step 3: The WPS file is now opened Offline for free on your WPS Office application. You can edit text, format, style, or share the file anywhere easily.

wps ready file

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1. How to convert a WPS Office file to PDF online for free?

You can easily convert the WPS file to PDF online for free without any hassle. Below are simple steps mentioned that can help you to use wps to pdf converter to convert your file online for free.

Step 1: First, select the Word to PDF conversion feature by visiting https://pdf.wps.com/.

conversion feature selection

Step 2: Upload your WPS Office file by clicking on Select WPS Office File in the online PDF converter.

selecting wps file needed

Step 3: It will redirect you to your local storage area to select your WPS Office file, which you want to convert to PDF online for free. After file selection, click Open.

opening selected file

Step 4: You will see that your file is seamlessly Uploaded on an online PDF converter.

indicating file uploading

Step 5: Within a few seconds, the WPS Office file starts Converting.

conversion indication

Step 6: Now, you can click the Download option to export your converted PDF online file on your device.

succeeded processing conversion

2. What is the difference between a PDF and a WPS file?

A PDF file is a Portable Document Format – a type of versatile file – created for the ease of people while exchanging information containing documents across the world at personal and professional levels. It is the most reliable file that supports every operating system connected with multiple servers. It is the file that contains all information displayed consistently across devices – hard to edit.

A WPS File is the txt file format of WPS Writer that is relatable to the Microsoft Word file that supports the docs file format. WPS Office file is conveniently edited and opened on the WPS Office suite without any hindrance to a seamless flow of processing.

Hence, both files support the changes that you want to have while creating, viewing, modifying, and scanning while converting both files to many other formats. Moreover, the conversion features are supported by both PDF and WPS Office files.

3. How do I convert a WPS file to Word?

The conversion of WPS files to Word is really an easy process that can help you avoid all difficulties or hindrances from your workflow. So, if you are speculating how to convert a WPS file to Word, here is a simple step-by-step method – especially for beginners:

Step 1: First, simply Download the Microsoft Works Converter to your device. It is a tool that can help you to open.wps file online in Word conveniently. So, install the plugin by enabling it on your computer device.

about to installation plugin

Step 2: Now, the file you want to convert, click on it to Open. The Microsoft Works Converter will instantly launch your desirable file content in Microsoft Word.

file located to select

Step 3: When the WPS file opens in Word format, go to the File option and click on Save As. Here, change the type of file to a Word Document that supports .docx format. Now, your open.wps file online is converted to Word.

word document supporting format

Step 4: Now, you can simply start working on this document file – edit, format, style, and save or share as per your needs. You will be satisfied with this conversion, as this conversion retains the original text to use Word features.

succeeded supported file

WPS Office – The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

WPS Office has more than 494 million active users, which shows it's a highly reliable and trustworthy place to deal with your documents and file-related matters at personal and professional levels.

WPS Office all-in-one functional software with over 1.2 billion installations – evaluating that it is the best thing since sliced bread adds ease and convenience in dealing with information containing files to work seamlessly. Hence, you can consider the WPS Office if you want to convert the wps file to word online for free or to open a .wps file online.

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