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Free Comic Strip Templates in PDF Format

August 3, 2023

Comics are captivating illustrated stories that can be a source of amusement for all ages. Whether you are a teacher or an aspiring artist who wants to create comic pages or books, the Comic strip templates can save you from the hassle of drawing the layouts manually. Therefore, to take the burden off your shoulders, we have come up with the best free comic strip templates PDF. These templates offer a structured canvas that will enable you to express your narrative efficiently.

Free Comic Strip Templates PDF

What are Comic Strip Templates?

The comic strip templates are pre-designed structures and layouts which you can use to create your comic books. These comic strip templates PDFs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and have different styles with borders and backgrounds, as well as specific areas for captions, speech bubbles, and thought balloons.

You can represent a separate moment or a separate scene in each panel according to your story requirement.All these components of comic strips allow you to arrange your comic book in an engaging and well-organized manner.

Especially if you are a novice artist, these comic strips prove to be a game changer for your career. They can play a crucial role in enhancing your productivity and unleashing your creativity.

Comic Strip Template PDF Free Download

There are tons of types of comic strips available in the market. You can use the appropriate one that can match the theme of your story. Among the various variations, the main types of Comic strip templates PDF available are listed below.

Comic Strip Template with Background

The comic strip template PDF with a background usually utilizes the first page of your comic book. It enables you to set the specific background according to the context and atmosphere of your story. This template enables you, as a comic creator, to show the environment of your story in which your characters and narratives are going to unfold.

This particular template gives your story a natural flow. The integration of characters and their dialogues with their environment engages your reader more. It helps to create an immersive reading experience.

Comic Strip Template- Background Scifi 5 Panel V2

Comic Strip Template 3 Panel

The 3-panel comic strip template is the most common and frequently used layout that provides you the precision to elaborate your characters and their actions. Usually, it consists of 3 panels, either horizontally or vertically. These panels can be arranged in the grids in different styles. It provides you with a straightforward canvas to paint your story amazingly.

Comic Strip Template- 3 Panel Wide

4 Panel Comic Strip Template

The simple comic strip template with 4 panels is another popular layout among comic creators. It can be used for single-page concise jokes, news, and memes. It can also be used for comic-book structures. It presents the well-arranged panel in 2 x2 grids, 4 grids horizontally, vertically, in a tall & wide pattern, or a diagonal style. These variations give you the freedom to narrate your characters as per your preference.

Comic Strip Template- 4 Panel Diagonal

6 Panel Comic Strip Template

A 6-panel comic strip template PDF provides you with optimal advantages to describe your story in an expressive and detailed way. It allows more space for your comic characters and scenes. Comparatively to 3 Panel grids and 4 Panel grids, the 6 Panel grid seems more versatile. Using this template, you can elaborate the complex actions interestingly and give a smooth flow to your stories that readers enjoy more.

Comic strip 6-panel templates


Angled Comic Strip Template

The angled comic strip template gives a dynamic touch to your comic story. Despite using standard straight panels, you can use angled panels that show the emotion and excitement of your characters. This can make your comic visually appealing as well as the life-like illustrations communicate with your reader, especially kids. So, specifically, it’s considered the best comic strip template for kid’s PDFs.

Comic Strip Template- Angled Panels 11 Panels

Comic Strip with Speech Bubbles

The blank comic strip template PDF with speech bubbles comes in handy when you want to narrate a conversational story. You have to place your characters in those panels and put on the speech bubbles to their left or right to elaborate their conversation and dialogues. The comic strip template with pictures of speech bubbles, allows you to combine your illustrations or artwork with speech bubbles. It would be an impressive interaction not only between the story characters but also between the characters and readers.

The speech bubble comic strip plays a crucial role in conveying the main emotions through visuals, whether it’s a drama, satire, joke, comedy, or anger.

Comic strip speech bubbles templates

Manga Panel Comic Strip Template

Manga is a distinctive and dynamic Japanese style template used to create comic books and graphic novels. Manga panel comic strips consist of structured segments that provide an individual and unique framework to your comic pages and books. If you want to convey the written narration of your comic effectively, the Manga templates are a stand-alone choice for your requirements.

Comic Strip Template- Manga Panels Geometric 10

Comic Strip Template With 3D Effect

The 3D effect comic strip template PDF gives your stories a great visual boost and realism effect. The three-dimensional (3D) effect offers you to present an illustration specifically to make an in-depth focus on a particular moment or scene. The elements of 3D design make your visuals life-like and impactful. These templates play a vital role to grab the readers' attention and shed light on a specific aspect.

Comic Strip Template- 3D Effects Panels 5 Panel

Geometric Comic Strip Template

Geometric Comic Strip Template provides your comic book with a well-organized and structured look. Similar to angled strips, it consists of angled vertical panels that portray your illustration dynamically. You can use this template to narrate your fast-going actions. These actionable templates can boost your creativity to the next level. Due to its design, it’s considered the comic strip template for students. Students would love to create amazing comics by using this template.

Comic Strip Template- Geometric Panels 5 Panels V3

Hand Drawn Style Comic Strip Templates

The hand-drawn style comic strip template PDF gives your comic pages a natural look. This template consists of hand-made panels. So, when you want to add some organic scenes or moments in your comic book, this template provides you with a prominent change among your conventional-style comic pages.

Comic Strip Template- Hand Drawn 4 Panel

How to Edit and Print Comic Strip Template PDF for Free

WPS Office is a versatile Suite that offers you millions of templates on diversified fields of life such as marketing, fashion, education, and so on. Whether you are an individual or a team, WPS Office allows you to collaborate efficiently.

Do you need a platform to edit PDFs? WPS Office. Is it free? Yes. Does the WPS office have templates available? Yes! What if I want to convert my PDFs to images or other file formats? WPS Office is what you need- a one-stop solution for all your PDF needs.

Let’s learn how to use WPS Office to personalize and print your Comic Strip Template PDF:

Step 1: Open WPS Office on your system.

Step 2: Open the downloaded comic strip template PDF.

Step 3: On the ribbon menu, click on the “Edit” tab to access WPS Office editing features.

WPS Office edit tab

Step 4: Use the WPS Office Editing tool to customize the template by adding text and images, and making adjustments.

WPS Office editing tools

Step 5: You can print your personalized comic strip template PDF using WPS Office.

WPS Office print your template

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Q1. How to create a comic strip template by myself?

You can create a comic strip template by yourself by using different software such as WPS Office, Microsoft Office, Canva, Adobe, and Google Slides.

Q2. Can I use existing templates for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the existing templates for commercial purposes. Some sites don’t allow you to use their templates commercially. They are only allowed to use them commercially on a strict condition to give them credit by their name. Contrarily some sites allow you to use their templates for both personal and commercial use without any attribution.

Get more Creative with Free Comic Strip Templates!

As a creative fellow, when you are working to compile a comic book, you need to use different comic strips. These comic strip template PDFs not only enhance your productivity but are also a time-saving option for you. Create captivating comic strips with free PDF templates. Users can make use of WPS Office to customize using its free PDF editing tools. Download WPS Office today!

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