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Free Top Five Cute Fonts on Word Document

July 21, 2022

A font is a graphical representation of text that might have a distinct typeface, point size, weight, color, or design. Fonts can also vary in point size and design. Users of some software applications, such as WPS Word and WPS Excel, have the ability to alter the font that is used while inputting text into a document or spreadsheet. Users prefer to use these fonts according to the nature of documents, such as cute fonts on words that will be used while drafting books for children.

When styling a web page or document, many typefaces are applied to get the desired effect. That is to say, depending on what the text is about, they may be employed to either establish or match the tone of the text. In addition, the readability of certain typefaces may be affected by the medium on which they are used. Children, for example, frequently prefer cute fonts on word documents.

How to use cute fonts on Word in WPS Office

1.To use cute fonts on word, first you need to select the text to which you want to apply a specific font. After selecting the text, just select the font of your choice from the font option, which is highlighted in the following picture, and enjoy the cute font.

2.After selecting the text, just select the font of your choice from the font option, which is highlighted in the following picture, and enjoy the cute font.

The following are the 5 cute fonts on word in WPS office

1.Bradley Hand ITC

Bradley Hand ITC is cute because of the way the letters are formed. It's an excellent alternative for those who want to make their writing appear better since they're thin and appealing. The typeface has a slight fading effect at the bottom of each letter that other fonts do not have.

2.Juice ITC 

A unique aspect of Juice ITC is the way it tinkers with the heights and widths of the capital letters. Even though it is a capital letter, I contains the dot above it, and therefore seems more like a lower-case I than a capital letter. It's a fun detail that adds a lot of personality.

3.Ink Free

If you are looking for a typeface that has a charming vibe, you should go for Ink Free. It functions really well and has a pleasing appearance on the page. It is certainly one of the fonts that is the least difficult to read, which is one of the reasons why so many people like its straightforward appearance.

4.Curlz MT

The Curlz MT typeface has a certain amount of noise in it. If you want your attractive fonts to have a little bit more personality, then Curlz MT is without a doubt one of the greatest options available to you. The word curlz in the name refers to the spirals and curls that are present in the letters.

5.Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Handwriting is a good choice because it looks like someone’s handwriting. Specifically, it looks like the handwriting of a younger person who’s trying to learn cursive. That’s mainly why people find it as cute as it is, making it a solid choice for this li

The above-mentioned cute fonts on Word are some of the various fonts on WPS Office Word. However, if you want to make your documents more exciting, then please visit the of WPS Academy You can also download WPS Office for free to edit Word/Excel/PPT/PDF from here.

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