How can we add underline and strikethrough

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How can we add underline and strikethrough

How can we add underline and strikethrough

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Graphic skills

When using WPS Writer to review the manuscript, we sometimes add underline or strikethrough to highlight or delete the content.


In this document, we can underline or emphasize the sentence.  

Select the corresponding part, click the Home tab, and then the Underline drop-down button. Then, we can change the types and colors for the underline. 


For more underline styles, click More Underlines to bring up the Font dialog. In the category of All text - Underline style, we can select more other effects. 


If we need to add emphasis marks, get into the Home tab and choose the Strikethrough drop-down button. Then, click the Emphasis Mark symbol.


What can we do to mark part of the texts as deleted while keeping the contents in the document? Select the content to be marked. Then, click the Strikethrough button in the Home tab.