How can we change the font in a cell

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How can we change the font in a cell

How can we change the font in a cell

When using WPS Spreadsheet for statistics and reports, how can we change the font in a cell?

In this spreadsheet, select a range of cells. In theHome tab, we can change text settings includingSizeandText Color, and add effects for the texts such as Bold, Italic, Fonts, Underline, etc.

1. Select the cells filled withWPS Academy.

2. Right-click the cells, and chooseFormat cellsin the pop-up menu. Or we can just select the cells and press the shortcutCtrl+1.

3. Click the Fonttab in the dialog boxFormat Cells, we can change the font settings mentioned above, and addEffectsfor the contents.

Effectssettings include Strikethrough, Superscript, and Subscript.

We can see the font effects inPreview. ClickOK. The final font effect will be adopted in the selected cells.

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