How can we resize the images in Documents

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How can we resize the images in Documents

How can we resize the images in Documents

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Graphic skills

 When using WPS Writer, we often insert pictures for instructions. Sometimes we need to resize the picture precisely. How can we adjust the size of picture in a document?


In this document, insert a picture and adjust its layout. For example, we can change the layout to Behind Text in the Wrap Text catalog. Then, set the font color as white.


Then right-click the image and choose More settings. In the pop-up interface Layout, click the Size tab.


If we need to scale the picture proportionally, Check the Lock aspect ratio and Relative to original picture size boxes in the Scale catalog. Then set the aspect ratio by adjusting the Height or Width, and drag the picture to adjust its position. 003.gif

If we need to rotate the picture by specifying degrees for a more decent layout, input the angle value under the Rotate catalog. If we only need to adjust the height of the picture or adjust the height without proportion, uncheck the Lock aspect ratio box and change the setting of Height and Width respectively.


In addition, we can left-click the picture and make adjustments in the Picture Tools tab. 005.gif

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