How can we use RANK funtion

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How can we use RANK funtion

How can we use RANK funtion

Graphic skills

RANK function is a statistical function that can quickly calculate the rank of a number in a list of numbers.


Taking this sales table as an example, how do we rank the sales volume in the first quarter?


First, we can place the cursor in cell F3, click the Formulas tab, and Insert Function button to find RANK function. At this time, the Function Arguments dialog box will pop up.


Number is the number for which you want to find the rank. Ref is an array of, or a reference to, a list of numbers. Select E3: E14 here, then click Shift+F4 to make an absolute reference to the array area. Adding an absolute reference prevents the region we quote from being confused.


Order is the choice of ranking ascending or descending. 0 or omitted means that rank in the list is sorted descending; any nonzero value means that rank is sorted.


Click OK to get Arthur's ranking, and double-click to fill the formula to get the ranking of all employees.


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