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How do I print Labels in Word ?

February 13, 2023

It's time for you to know how to word label printing and thus try to use this tool at work or business. If you want to know each of the tools in Word, it would be fair that you delve into the subject of labels. This way, you will have a perfect word label printing that will make you look like a professional in the office.

It is good for you to learn about custom word label printing for a page with different labels or with a single label. Below, you will know three effective methods that will be used for word label printing without problems:

How to print custom labels in Word?

If you want to know about the personalized Word label printing a document, it is fair that you comply with the following steps:

1. Open the document where you want to have the Word label printing.

2. Go to the correspondence tab.

3. Select the label option in the create group.

4. In the label box, you must display the label options menu.

5. Click on new label and access the label details box.

6. Put the name of the personalized label and indicate the desired dimensions.

7. Click OK and print the document by pressing Control + P; select your printer and start the process.

How to print a page with different labels in Word?

In case you want to know about word label printing on mac, but with different labels, you will have to do the following:

1. Again, open the Word document where you want to place the label.

2. Go to the start mail merge tab and label in the create group.

3. In the label box, you must click on options.

4. You must choose the label's brand and product number. After completing the settings, click on accept

5. You must select a new blank Word document to make the label.

6. Go to the layout tab and click on view grid lines.

7. Write the data that each label to create will carry and save the changes.

8. You must press Control + P to print the labels.

How to print a single label or pages with the same label in Word?

As a last option, but not least, if you want to know how to word label printing 2010 works with a single brand, you should do the following:

1. Open the web document and automatically go to the correspondence tab.

2. Select label inside the create group.

3. Go to options under label options.

4. You must choose the label's brand within the list of suppliers, indicate a product number, and accept the changes.

5. Write an address and other relevant information for the label. Save the changes.

6. Finally, go to the File tab and print. Now you must select full page of the same label.

You can feel like an expert using Word if you successfully pass each method where word label printing 2016 is explained. The word label printing 2013 or the program version is quite simple because you will only have to comply with a few steps.

You can motivate yourself to learn more about word label printing by going to websites like WPS Academy. If you go to the website now, you can download WPS Office at no cost or access other instructional guides.

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