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How many of these exclusive features in WPS do you know?

May 10, 2022

It is no exaggeration to say that solving the common office problems will be no problem for WPS Office. Use it, and you will love it. WPS  has many exclusive features to make itself an excellent and free office software. Come and see how many of these do you know?

1. Resume Master: make your resume stand out

An excellent resume is the first step to impressing the interviewer. I assume you don't want too much time to design and beautify your resume.

Resume Master in WPS Office can help you generate a professional and concise resume.

2. File Collect: Why didn't I find you before?

What is the quickest and easiest way to collect multiple files? I can't believe you haven't heard of the File Collect function in WPS Office.

Suppose you've been assigned the task of collecting all of your classmates' homework. You only need to share the generated password with your class group, allowing students to upload their homework.

In addition to collecting files quickly, you can also create your own private space. WPS Office provides 1 GB of free space. You may get 20 GB of space after subscribing, which is more than enough for daily work and life.

3. Reading View: shed a spotlight on your table

Did you frequently squint to check the results of a table with many rows and columns? Did you even misread them?

Why not try Reading view? You can highlight the selected cell and its row and column with this unique feature. It's quite like shedding a spotlight on a star on the stage.


4. Eye Protection Mode: WPS always cares about your eyesight

Will you feel visual fatigue from too much screen time? The eyes are the windows to the soul. It's time to give your soul a break! Open the eye protection mode. This hint of green may witness your efforts day and night.


5. Awesome! Merge & Split files within a second

We sometimes need to merge comparable files when processing data and sometimes need to split a large file into numerous smaller files. WPS Spreadsheet researched and simulated common cases for merging and splitting and launched six approaches to merge and three approaches to split, which will definitely meet your needs.

Besides, Merge & Split is available in the other three components. Come and try it!

6. Convert picture to text, skyrocket the efficiency

When looking for information on the Internet, you are likely to come into the following scenarios: the information is embedded in a picture You can only grind your teeth and type it in word by word, which consumes time, effort, and vision.

 You will never feel that pain with the Picture to Text function.

7. Super Screen Recorder function

Many people will record what they are skilled at and share it with others in the Internet era. You may utilize the Screen Recorder function to record operations, such as teaching and conference presentations, as well as games and even your favorite live video.

There are many recording modes available. Noise Reduction, Task Scheduler, and Audio Recording and Editing are all accessible. No watermark is added. You may record anytime and anywhere.


8. Handy format conversion

People prefer the PDF format because it is more good-looking and format compatible. WPS Office allows users to convert files quickly and well.

In addition to converting to PDF, you can also convert the files to pictures, TXT, convert pictures to PDF and convert PPT to Word, and so on, making your working experience to the next level.

9. How simple can data comparison be? Simple as just one button

You can't stop checking, comparing, and duplicate checking data as long as you work with it. Inefficiency means much time on tedious tasks.

On the Internet, you may find a variety of data comparison methods. However, they are either overly complex or flawed. WPS Office has a less-known yet simple and powerful feature. I believe it is the fastest way to fix your problem.

10. Great feature is hidden in the filtering function

Filtering is the most popular function to process data, but do you truly understand how it works in WPS Spreadsheet?

Click the following video link to see how proficient you are.

You are mistaken if you think WPS Office 2019 can only perform what we listed above. 

There are a lot more surprises for you to explore!

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