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How to add axis titles in excel chart

July 27, 2022

When you create a chart in your spreadsheet, Excel will default display a chart title but not an axis title. If you want to learn how to add axis titles in Excel, you should know that you can easily add them, and your chart will be easier to understand.

Adding labels and titles to your charts will give your worksheets a more professional look. Axis titles will be available for all axes that can be displayed on a chart, and you can add them vertically and horizontally. Below you will learn how to add axis titles in Excel quickly.

How to add axis titles in Excel to a chart?

To learn how to add axis titles in excel 2019, you must follow these steps:

1. Select your chart and go to theChart Design tab. Then click theAdd Chart Element dropdown arrow and move your cursor toAxis Titles In the pop-up menu, you will need to selectMain Horizontal, Main Vertica, or both.

2. If you are using Windows, you can use theChart Element icon to the right of the chart. Then check the box forAxis title, click the arrow to the right, and check the boxes for vertical, horizontal, or both titles.

3. When the title of the axis you have selected already appears on the chart, you will see that it has a default name ofAxis Title. You must select the text box containing the default title and add the new title.

How to add axis titles in Excel 2016?

The process of learning how to add axis titles in excel 2016 is simple and fast; you have to follow these steps:

1. Select the chart, and then click the chart you want to add the axis title to in your spreadsheet. You should see theCharts Element sign icon apto the chart's right

2. Check theAxis Title option so that you can add titles to all axes on the chart from theCharts Element pop-up menu list.

3. You can also click theAxis Title option to open the dropdown menu and choose a single axis to label asMajor Horizontal orMajor Vertica.

4. Click on the Axis title, then type in a specific title according to your needs.

5. If you want to link the axis title to an existing cell, you can do that too. I need to select the axis title, click on the formula bar and type an equal sign in the formula box. Then click on the cell you want to link. To continue, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

After following these steps of how to add axis titles in excel mac, you should notice that the axis titles have been linked to the existing cell correctly.

How to Customize Axis Titles in an Excel Chart?

If you have already learned how to add axis titles in Excel, you can now customize it by following these steps:

1. On an axis title, right-click to display the floating toolbar. Here you will see options for Fill, Stroke, and Style.

2. To go ahead and apply a theme, use the dropdown arrows next to any of those options; you'll be able to choose a style, use a gradient or texture, or use a border color.

3. You can also open theFormat Axis Title sidebar by right-clicking on a title for better customization.

4. At the top of the sidebar, you'll need to seeTitle Option. Then use the 3 tabs under Fill & Line, Effect & Siz, and properties to make your corresponding adjustments. You'll be able to change the border or padding, adjust the alignment, or add a shadow.

5. How to add axis titles in excel online will allow you to customize the font. You must selectText Option at the top of the sidebar. You can use Text Fill and Outline, Text Box, and Text Effects tabs. Also, you will be able to change the font color and the text's direction.

Learn how to add axis titles in Excel? With these options, you can add the labels and axis titles you need to enhance your charts.

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