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How to add secondary axis on excel

February 13, 2023

Excel functions have been updated efficiently to provide you with the best quality of work. When values on a chart vary, you can adjust the scale or plot the series on a secondary axis of the chart. That is why today, you will have this post, which teaches you how to add secondary axis on Excel with easy-to-use techniques.

Creating a secondary axis may not be easy, but if you follow these instructions, you can succeed. A secondary axis works with a chart so that the chart can display combinations of rows and columns. Next, you will learn how to add secondary axis on Excel through this article, and you can quickly learn and add a secondary axis.

How to add secondary axis on Excel online?

Most of the users use this tool and must have the best knowledge. This guide on how to add secondary axis on Excel gives you truthful information, so you can easily create graphs and secondary axis.

1. Select the chart to open the Chart Tools tab.

2. Click on Layout – Change chart type.

3. Select the Combined – Column grouped – line on secondary axis tab.

4. Click Secondary Axis for the data series you want to display.

5. Click OK.

How to add a moving or trend line to an excel chart?

Trend lines on a chart show visual data of any trend; how to add secondary axis on Excel? This post gives you that information.

1. When you open Excel, select the graph of your choice.

2. Select the + sign at the chart's top.

3. Click on TrendLine.

4. Add the trend line, enter the data options, and click OK.

Note: The trend line is only displayed when you place a chart that contains more than one data series.

How to add secondary axis on Excel 2016 and format a trend line?

Adding a chart can be tricky as you have to place the values and trend line. But if you follow the manual on how to add secondary axis on Excel, you will be able to create graphs or format a trend line.

1. Click anywhere on the chart. Enter Format – current selection group, and you will see a trendline dropdown list. Click Selection Format.

2. Enter the Trend Line Format Panel to select the trend line you want for the chart.

3. To format a trend line, it is to establish the values and thus project the future data in the Forward and backward tabs.

These are some tips that the manual on how to add secondary axis on Excel has so that you can create perfect graphs. There are a variety of techniques that you can use, but the easiest to apply are these. You can even count on truthful information on one of the most incredible web pages, which offers all kinds of informative articles.

WPS Academy, one of the most reliable platforms, offers you articles on how to add secondary axis on Excel Mac. You can follow them and thus have all the information on tricks in Excel, Word, and more. You must know how to add secondary axis on Excel since you must place the values and trend lines correctly.

With the guide on how to add secondary axis on Excel 2019, you will be able to learn and create the best graphs. Now you can download WPS Office to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to efficiently carry out work. It is a free application; you can download it on your mobile device.

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