Excel add secondary axis

July 22, 2022

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It is time that you know how to excel add secondary axis if you are doing a research project and need to make some graphs in Excel. Therefore, you must know in detail what such a useful function offers. This program has made it possible for you to complete the work you require in your spreadsheet with total ease.

You must know how to excel add secondary axis so that your graphs are as you want. Below, you can learn several effective methods that will help you correctly use excel add secondary axis.

How to add a secondary axis to Excel charts?

You can excel add secondary axis to your charts from scratch with the help of several essential procedures. If you want to manage this tool better, learn how to excel add secondary axis mac

1. First, select all the data, or choose a cell in your data; in the image, you will see below, a cell has been chosen within the data that will be used to make the graphs. You can practice how to excel add secondary axis 2016 whenever you want.

2. Now go to where the insert tab is, click where the Recommended Graphics command is located in the Graphics window, or click via the small arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the window.

3. An insert graph dialog box will open; where this box is, select the tab where all the graphs are located. Then you must choose the Combo alternative that is in the menu on the left. On the right side, you will see all the data series names, 2 menus under the chart type heading, and 2 checkboxes under the Secondary Axis heading.

4. You must select the line graph with markers for the series of the average sales prices and then mark where the checkbox is (on the right) so that you can display this data on the secondary axis.

5. Then you can get a graph; this will make you know how to use excel add secondary axis online

How to add a second Y-axis to an Excel chart?

This method for excel add secondary axis is easy to do; you must follow each step patiently.

1. Create a spreadsheet with your data; each data has to be contained in an individual cell with labeled columns and rows.

2. Now, choose the data you want to graph, click and drag so you can highlight the data you want to graph.

3. Click insert, located in the menu bar; this is at the top of the page.

4. Click where the icon is similar to the type of chart you want to create. You also have the option to add another axis to a line chart.

5. Double-click where the line you want to plot is on a second axis; when you click on the line, each data point individually on the line will be highlighted.

6. Click where the bar graph icon appears; this is the “Series Options” type of icon. Then select where the radio button for “Secondary Axis” is located under “series options” in the Format Data Points menu.

How to change the type of secondary axis chart?

You must also learn how to change the secondary axis chart type in easy steps. This way, you will have excellent knowledge of how to excel add secondary axis.

1. Right-click on the graph.

2. Then click on where is change series chart type.

3. Now click where the checkbox is next to any other lines you want to add to the axis.

4. Then, select the type of chart for each of the data series. To finish, click OK; this will save the changes in the graph.

If you learned about excel add secondary axis with all the methods you have previously known, you have indeed become a specialist in this program. At present, Excel offers you the way how to excel add secondary axis 2019

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