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How to add excel cells together (Simple Formula)

July 21, 2022

The simplest Excel functions are frequently the most crucial. You'll discover that practically every endeavour calls for some level of fundamental math. In this instance, we're discussing the vast subject of cell addition. But you may achieve your aim in a number of different ways. Here are some pointers for adding cells in Excel.

Add cells in excel online, 2016 and 2019

Writing a simple formula is the simplest approach to add cells in Excel.

1. Start with an equals sign (=), then list your cells one after the other, separated by plus signs (+). This is written as =A2+A3+A4 in our case.

2. To see your outcome, press Enter.

If you're only adding a few cells and don't mind spelling them out, this way is the simplest. You'll probably discover, too, that adding lengthy sequences of cells is quicker when done with the SUM function.

1. All formulae begin with the equals sign, so do the same. To begin your function, enter SUM(.

2. The cells you want to add can now be typed in and separated with commas. It would seem as follows: =SUM (A2,A3,A4).

3. You may also use a colon to demarcate the addition of a continuous string of cells in your equation. With a large list, you may input just the first and last cells, making it simpler. It appears as follows in our example: =SUM (A2:A4).

4. Clicking and dragging is a third method of populating your formula. You may choose the first cell you wish to add and drag it to the last cell after writing =SUM(. Excel will take care of the remainder and use a colon to separate it.

5. By identifying the cells as A:A in your formula, you may even sum up all the cells in a column. In your formula bar, it will appear as =SUM(A:A).

6. Once you've selected your cells, press Enter to view the outcome.

There are many additional applications for addition in Excel, but these are the most fundamental ones.

How to merge cells in excel:

1. Choose the cells you wish to combine first.

2. Then pick the Merge & Center tool from the main Home menu.

3. In that menu, select the Merge & Center option. The message Merging cells only maintains the upper-left cell value, and discards the other values will be displayed to you.

4. Your three cells will merge with that upper-left value label, in this example Star Trek, if you click the OK button in the warning.

How to split cells in excel

1. You'll typically discover that commas or semicolons are used to demarcate the information you need to split. As a result, you won't require any sophisticated features and may get started by choosing your cell.

2. Go to the Data tab in the menu after choosing your cell. Choose the Text to Columns option under the Data tab. It is located next to the options for Flash Fill, Sort, and Filter.

3. A wizard should now appear to guide you through the remaining steps. Delimited and Fixed Width data are clearly distinguished in step one. Your data can be divided inside the cell in these two ways. Delimited data already contains commas or semicolons, whereas Fixed Width data is separated by a fixed number of spaces. We'll use Delimited because our sample has commas.

4. We'll go on to the wizard's second step because we've stated that we have delimited data. Here, we show the breakdown of our data. Tabs, semicolons, spaces, and a few more characters can also be used to separate data. You'll see that the preview text box changes as you choose your divider.

5. The third step allows you to double-check your formatting while Excel handles the majority of the dividing work. You may specify whether your information is general, a date, or text, but for the time being we'll just keep with general. If you require the data in a certain area of your spreadsheet, you may easily adjust the split's destination.

6. Once you click Finish, your data should appear like in the illustration below!

Note: This was an attempt to show you how to add cells in excel online, 2016 and 2019, in both windows and mac. 

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