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How to add gridlines and guides in WPS Presentation

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to add gridlines and guides in WPS Presentation

How to add gridlines and guides in WPS Presentation

When we make a slideshow, in order to achieve a good typographic effect, we generally add guides and gridlines to the page.

Take this slide as an example. It is difficult for us to center the title without smart assisted alignment. At this point, we only need to click the View tab above, then click the Grid and Guides button, finally check Display smart guides on screen. With the help of smart guides, centering the title becomes simple.001.gif

Learn to use guides, and we can achieve more types of typography and composition, such as the alignment between elements. Open the Grid and Guides dialog box and check Display drawing guides on screen to show the guides. Then we only need to drag each element to align with the guides.

After finishing the element alignment, if we want to adjust the element's position, we can check Objects follow with guides in the Grid and Guides dialog box. As we drag the guide on the slide, we can see that the position of each element changes as well.003.gif

If we need to add a grid to the slide, open the Grid and Guides dialog box. In the Grid settings, we can set the Spacing and check Display grid on screen. Click OK to display the grids.004.gif

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