How to add ins in excel (The Easiest Way with Examples)

July 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A WPS Excel extension that provides extra capabilities and options is known as an add-in. The power of Excel is increased by offering the user more functions. To use an add-in, it must first be activated. Once activated, it begins to operate when Excel is opened. A workbook's data can be created, deleted, and updated, for instance, using an Excel add-in. Additionally, one may use add-ins to execute custom functions and add buttons to the Excel ribbon. Several Add-ins are accessible in Excel by selecting Add-ins from the Options button of the File tab. Additionally, one may choose Manage from the drop-down menu in the Add-ins box to access other add-ins.

Some add-ins could be hidden by default. The Data tab on the Excel ribbon allows users to examine the add-ins that are not hidden. 

How to install add-ins in excel online, 2016 and 2019

  1. First, choose the Menu tab in Excel's upper-left corner of the spreadsheet.

2. As seen in the following illustration, click Options in the end of the other options that are given.

3. A popup titled Excel Options appears. Choose Add-ins.

4. At the bottom, to the right of Manage, there is a box. To see the drop-down menu, click the arrow. Click Go after selecting Excel add-ins.

5. A dialogue window labelled Add-ins appears. Click OK after checking the necessary boxes. All four add-ons have been chosen.

6. The Data tab of the Excel ribbon has the Data Analysis and Solver options.

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Types of add-ins in excel:

The types of add-ins are as follows:

  • The system includes them as built-in add-ins. The procedures outlined under the section How to install add-ins in Excel? can be used to reveal them.

  • Custom add-ins: These are made to support Excel's fundamental features. They could be free or cost money.

The data analysis add-in in excel:

  1. The Data Analysis Tools set examines financial, engineering, and statistical data.

2. The following graphic displays the numerous tools that may be found under the Data Analysis add-in.

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