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How to Use Different Excel Formats(The Easiest Method)

July 22, 2022

The basic Office programs, including Excel, have undergone various version revisions. Small changes to Excel file extensions were made in conjunction with such upgrades to take into consideration the variations between those Excel files format. New file extensions are created by more than just version variations. Some excel file formats particularly identify the kind of file they are, such example whether they are Excel templates or Excel files with macros.

Different file formats supported by excel

Office suites including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc are all completely usable with WPS Spreadsheet. Additionally, it is compatible with widely used file types like.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.xlsm, and.xlt and many more. Different versions of WPS (2016/2019/2022) supports variety of excel file formats. Excel files can also be edited on PCs, mobile devices, and websites.

Most convenient excel file formats

While excel allows us to save files in a number of extensions, here are the most common ones:

1. XLS

The most typical and default sort of extension in the spreadsheet is this one. A file with this extension is one that contains several types of content, such as data, formats, graphics, etc. The file type is identified by the operating system with the aid of an extension, and the Excel program is used to operate this file.


The file format XSLX is based on XML. With the aid of this technology, XSLX files are significantly lighter and smaller than XLS files, which directly results in space savings. also, such excel files can be downloaded or uploaded more quickly.


It's simple to deduce that a file contains a macro with the aid of this extension. This version was created for security purposes to prevent computer viruses, harmful macros, infecting computers, etc. from accessing a file. When it comes to security and macros, this file extension is quite reliable.


When opening and processing an excel file with a lot of data, the procedure takes a long time. It occasionally hangs while opening and it might crash. When it comes to compression, storing, opening, etc, this file extension type completely supports excel files that include a lot of data or information.

Most suitable excel file format

XLSX is the default file format in excel. These days, the vast majority of Excel spreadsheets are in this format . The most used format, XLSX, has the most rows and columns, 1048576 rows and 6384 columns. It utilizes the open file format and is typically usable with other programmes. Because VBA macros cannot be saved, it is secure. It is capable of using and saving all of Excel's features. Thus the most suitable excel format is XLSX.

How you can change excel file format?

1.Click on the menu.

2.Select save as tab from pull down bar.

3.Select the destination of the file from look in pull down bar.                                                                                                                                                     

4.Click on the file type and it will show you all available excel file formats according to your document. Select what suits you best and click save.

In order to use WPS spreadsheet you don't need to be online as it can be without internet and is available for number of platforms such as windows, mac, iPhone etc.

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