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How to lookup a name in excel using vlookup (3 easy method)

February 13, 2023

It is known that Excel offers us the user-friendly interface without requiring any programming skills. Excel can be used to perform simple calculations and store data automatically as well as create charts, calculate formulas etc. It is very useful for financial and statistical data stored in spreadsheets as it was designed to be used as a database management system

Sometimes situations arise when we have to look for a specific name in our excel worksheet and  we don’t know how to do that . Excel can be sometimes complicated for the beginners ,even some professionals forget this basic thing like how to lookup a name in excel ,so we decided to write this guide highlighting different techniques to lookup a name in excel

How to lookup a name  in excel using CTRL+F method

We all have used CTRL+F to look for different words inside a word document, what about using it in excel . You can use this straight away in excel to look up for that specific name you are searching .

1.Open the worksheet where you want to search

2.Use CTRL+F

3.A search bar will prompt up , fill that with the name you are looking for and that’s it, you will be taken right to that name

4.For example, in the following list ,we are trying to find Jake Paul.

5.We will use CTRL+F and in the search bar we will type Jake Paul

6.And boom ,we are taken right where we wanted

How to replace a name in excel

Now we know how to lookup a name in excel using CTRL+F , but there is more function of this inside excel ,you can use it to replace a certain name inside the list with another name or value of our choice ,perhaps this is something you all must know

1.For that purpose ,let us consider the list with following names.

2.Now let's look for the Jake Paul first, we want to replace it with Tim David.

3.Use CTRL+F and write Tim David in the replace column.

4.And that's it ,after knowing how to lookup a name in excel ,now you know how to replace it with some other name

How to lookup a name in excel: Match case

Sometimes in a bundle of names you a word coming many times but that’s not what you need for your work, so in that case match case comes to function ,with match case you can look for the exact matches of the name inside the next avoiding the hassle of matching with the redundant data or data in a case that you are not looking for

1.For example if we are looking for Tim in the following list using CTRL+F we will get two  Tim as follow

2.Let's search for Tim here

3.Using match case avoids this problem.

Now you know how to lookup a name in excel using different methods

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