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How to Add Months to Date in Excel Using Formula?

July 22, 2022

For project planning or time management, we need to make a routine or schedule. This article will help you to learn how to add months to date in Excel. Nowadays, excel is used by a lot of companies to work in the easiest way to process the information and take advantage of the different functions this software contains. It also helps in various ways such as calculating days, months, dates, and years. An interesting reason for working on excel is that it makes a man work easy.

Here are the steps to add months to a date in Excel:

Adding Months to Date in Excel by Using EDATE.

NOTE: We have some databases including like Order ID, Order date, Process time (months), and Delivery date, and our task will be adding time with the order date.

1) After that, the first step will be of formula Insertion which is = EDATE (C3, D3)

Note: Make sure that the Date format must be in the D column cells.

2) After the above process with the formula, the second step is to copy down the formula up to cell E9.

3) Drag down this red mark till the end and the whole data will be copied and automatically the date will appear in the copied columns.

In this way, we added the months to a date in excel.

Adding Months to Date in Excel Using the second program by MONTH & Date Function.

This is the second method to add month to date by Month and Date function. In this function, the date of the month we are using to find dates will be replaced by using the date function.

1) First step is to enter the formula which is : =DATE(YEAR(C4),MONTH(C4)+D4,DAY(C4))

Here in the bar, the formula appears to be in its column.

2) Now, the second step is to copy down the formula till the end of the cell.

3) By copying this formula till last the formula will appear automatically in the bars.

Note: Make sure that in this function Date format will always be in D column cells.

EDATE with Other Functions

NOTE: In this function, the elements are Order ID and Delivery Date. In this function, we will find how many orders will be delivered from the specific date to the next 4 months. For instance:

1)After that the step 1 will be to imply the formula in it which is : =COUNTIFS(C5:C12,>=&F4,C5:C12,<&edate>

2) After using this formula press enter key. Find the attached example:

3) In this way, we have successfully added months to date in excel.

 You can also find this feature in the all latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find the right way to add month to date in excel.

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