How to add days to a date in excel (Easy Formula)

July 21, 2022

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How to add days to a date in excel online, 2016 and 2019, using a formula

The most straightforward way is to apply a simple formula to add or remove the number of days from the date field.

1. Dates in Excel are essentially numbers that have been made to look like a date. If you alter the number formatting of a cell with a date to General or Number, you'll see numbers ranging from 1 to 40,000+. This is the amount of days since January 1, 1900, the day on which Excel's calendar begins.

2. In Excel, one day is represented as a single whole integer. As a result, we may simply add or subtract a whole integer to offset the date (the number of days).

3. In the example below, we write a simple formula that refers to the date cell (A2) and adds 1 to it. Copy the formula to make a new date column with one day added.

Formula to Add Days to Existing Date Value in Excel

4. To finish the edit, copy and paste information into the existing date column. If your data comes from a pivot table and you want your reports to leverage the existing date column, this method is ideal.

Add days to a date using paste special operation in excel

When you don't want to construct a distinct column of formulae, you may use the Paste Special function.

1. Paste Special includes operations that let us multiply, divide, and add, remove existing values by a number.

Paste Special to Add or Subtract Days to Each Date Cell

2. In a blank field, type the number of days you wish to add or remove. In cell C2, I put a 1 for this example.

3. (Right-click > Copy or Ctrl + C) Copy the cell

4. Select the dates from the cells that contain them.

5. Select Paste Special from the context menu by right-clicking (keyboard shortcut: Alt, E, S).

6. Choose the Values radio button from the Paste Special menu's Paste section (keyboard shortcut: V).

7. From the Operation section, select the Add radio button (keyboard shortcut: D).

8. Press Enter or click ok.

How to add days to a date using VBA Macro in excel

1. A macro is an excellent option if this is an activity you conduct regularly or if you want your spreadsheet users to be able to add and remove dates. A macro may be used to alter the value of a cell by any number of days specified in the code.

VBA Macro to Add or Subtract Days to Dates in Excel GIF


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