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How to add days to a date in excel excluding weekends

July 27, 2022

If you want to add days to a date in Excel and you don't know the process of how to add days to a date in excel, you are in the right place. Adding days to date allows you to calculate delivery dates, due dates, deadlines, etc.

With Excel, you will have the opportunity to add a specific number of days to a date. Below you will be able to know the most straightforward ways to add days to a date in excel.

How to add days to a date in excel with formula?

How to add days to a date in excel 2016? Dates in Excel are 5-digit numbers; you can easily add or subtract days, just like adding or subtracting the number of days in Excel.

= date + number of days

1. Select a blank cell where you want to put the calculation result, type the formula =A2 + 10, and press the Enter key.

Note: To subtract 10 days from the date, you need to use the formula =A2 – 10.

2. If you need to apply this same formula to other cells, drag the formula cell's AutoFill handle to these cells as you need.

In this step of how to add days to a date in excel 2019, you will have added or subtracted the same number of days from these bulk dates. Just as shown in the picture:

how to add days to a date in excel using the particular paste method?

The steps of how to add days to a date in excel online are simple and easy to perform. But some people prefer to add or subtract days without formula and use Excel's paste special.

Learning how to add days to a date in excel with the paste special will give you control over what aspect of the copied data can be pasted instead of directly pasted. You will be able to paste and add the number of days in the dates; you need to follow these steps:

1. Copy and paste the start dates into the destination column.

2. Next, you will need to copy the Days into column D. To continue, you will need to right-click on the first destination cell and select the Paste Special option from the context menu to launch the Paste Special dialog.

3. In the dialog box, you will need to select the Values radio button from the Paste section and the Add radio button from the Operation section.

4. Then click OK. Alternatively, you can also use the following keyboard shortcut for this method after copying the dates to column D and selecting the first destination cell:

Alt + E + S + V + D + Enter

This is how the keys work:

Alt + E + S: Opens the “Paste Specialdialog.

V: Select the Values radio button in the paste section.

D: Select the Add option button in the Operation section.

Enter: Select the OK command button on the dialog box.

The copied days or values will be pasted into the start dates. This will add the values and output the end dates.

Note: Since the values are pasted, the formatting of the cells will not be altered.

As you can see, the process of How to add days to a date in excel Mac with the paste special is simple and fast. You can enhance your work experience and increase your Excel skills.

Have you learned how to add days to a date in excel? Using any of these options, you can add days to date efficiently. Anyone can take these easy steps to have professional and helpful spreadsheets for their work.

Furthermore, it will allow you to download WPS Office to create, edit and process your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents for free.

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