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How to Convert Date into Week Days? (3 Best Ways)

July 22, 2022

When you are looking forward to performing your tasks using excel, you must have the idea that this software benefits you in so many ways. As it provides basic functions like getting names from weekdays. Now, it is very common that an individual wants to know the day on which his or her important date is coming on, or else if you are some gifted child who knows the future you might not need it then.

Excel has multiple ways to distinguish which date is falling on which day. So, in this article, we are going to learn those methods.

Manage to format the date into Week Day name

In excel dates are simply a bunch of serial numbers and proper formatting is what makes it a date which will include different formats like dd/mm/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd and more.

A possible formatting option for such serial numbers is to show weekday name through a manual ddd and dddd format.

Step-by-step Method:

  1. Choose the desired date which you want to convert into weekdays.

  1. Now, in the home tab click on the lower launch icon which is presented in the section number. And a formatted cell dialog box will pop up. Also, the shortcut key for opening up a dialog box is (Ctrl+1) 

  1. Proceed to the Number tab which is on the dialog box

  1. Choose Custom > Category

  1. Put in dddd in the Type Field to get the full week day name and for abbreviated names type in ddd.

  1. Click on Okay or press the Enter key.

Manage to add week day name through the Function of Text

We can convert date into weekday by simply using the text syntax function which is:


Value: a value that will be used for the conversion of text into a string.

Format: a must formatting which is required when to a text string converting.


Your date is now converted into week day name.

Manage to combine switch with the days of week to get week day name


The function of weekday can put create an output based on a number, and here we are gathering it with the switch functions to fulfill our task of getting the week day name.

This Function is a bit wordy but it fulfills the tasks with a different technique.

Its function is:


Hence, you get your week day name with this method, a bit wordy it is but I assure you it is a simple one and easy to remember.

Now, you can switch dates into week day name by using any of the mentioned above methods.

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