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How to add password to excel

August 8, 2022

This article will explain in detail how to add password to excel, in Recent Times, it is known to all that data security is crucial and it is of top priority to every business owner, company, organization, and most especially large corporation. If any of this crucial information is leaked its effect can be devastating for business and sometimes it can be quite serious. Therefore, if have the knowledge and understanding of how to encrypt an Excel document or files, it would be best for you to protect your important data. This article will give you a detailed explanation of how to add the password to an excel file or document.

When you add a password to an Excel document, you are preventing people from intruding into your personal or company’s information by opening it without being able to bypass the required password to access the document. After being able to encrypt your document there are some risks involved and the one risk that is crucial to note is forgetting your password. This is crucial because if you forget the password to that file the file can NEVER be opened again nor can it be recovered.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to add password to an Excel File with a Mac 2016 to 2019 online.

1. Click on the Excel File you intend to encrypt.

2. Click on the “Review”.

3. Click on the “Protect Sheet” command button. The Protect Sheet dialogue box will be opened.

4. Select locked cells and Select unlocked cells have been selected by default. If you want to set other ptions,please select them in the check box.

5. Input a password in the Password input box.Click OK to complete the operation.Then you can now save the changes to your file.

When a user besides you who does not have the required password tries to open the file, they will be required to enter the password into the “Password” dialog box that appears to open the file.

On some rare occasions, you might want to remove the password encrypt from the said file, for reasons best known to you. Here are some tips on how to remove password protection from an Excel encrypted file or document in a Mac 2016 to 2019, ensure you open the encrypted file.

1. Click on the “Review” tab.Then click the “Unprotect Sheet” command.

2. In the “Unprotect” dialog box that appears, input the password you set.

We hope this article was useful enough to explain in detail how to add the password to an excel document using a Mac 2016 to 2019 online, if you still want to learn more about Excel features you can follow the WPS Office to learn more, you can also use WPS Office for free to edit Word/PowerPoint/PDF. The WPS Office is easy to use and reliable and you can do so much more with the WPS Office the best thing of all is, that it is cost-free. Download today and enjoy the reliable and easy working experience from the WPS Office.

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