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How to add password to PDF in WPS Office free online?

March 21, 2022

In many cases, we need to prevent the contents in a PDF file from casual alteration or view. Thus, we need the free and easy-to-use PDF editor provided by WPS Office. As the supporting platform of WPS Office, WPS Academy offers this free tutorial to share the trick of adding password to PDF in WPS Office free online. Continue to read and master quickly!

lSteps to add a password to PDF in WPS Office.

1. Open the PDF file in WPS Office.

2. Navigate to the Protect tab, and click the Encrypt button.

3. In the Encryption dialog, check Set the open password, enter and confirm the password to stop viewing. Likewise, check Set password of editingand extracting to block operations like Print, Copy, Notes, etc.

4. Click Confirm and finish the operation.

Note: The two passwords cannot be the same, or a prompt box will jump up.

 Until now, we have mastered the fastest way to add password to PDF in WPS Office. To explore more advanced office skills, you are welcome to visit our official site WPS Academy.

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lWhat is WPS Office

Have you learned how to add password to PDF in WPS Office free online? WPS Office is a user-friendly, high performing, and all-in-one office suite. As the best alternative to Microsoft office suite on the market, WPS Office contains 4 individual yet interactive modules, namely WPS Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF Editor. It's easy to download and install the personal basic version of WPS Office on PC, Android, iOS and other platforms. In addition to the basic functions available in Microsoft office suite, there are more unique features launched by WPS for you to explore.

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