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How to add signature to PDF in WPS Office

March 21, 2022

Wondering how to add a signature to PDF? This free tutorial offered by WPS Official Academy will take you through the simple steps to insert a signature in a PDF file in WPS Office. No hesitation to read and master within 3 minutes!

There are various reasons why you need to add a signature to PDF in WPS Office. And WPS Office is sure to provide you with the fastest method.

lSteps to add signature to PDF in WPS Office

1. Open the PDF document in WPS Office.

2. In the Insert tab, click the Sign drop-down button, and select Create Signature, whose shortcut is Alt+U.


3. In the PDF signature dialog, WPS offers three options, including Input, Image and Draw.

Click Input, enter the content in the box, and you can click to modify the font in the upper-right corner.

Click Image to select and insert the local image as the signature.

Click Draw, and you can drag the mouse to create your signature.

image (1).gif 

4. Click OK, and adjust the size and position of your signature as needed.

image (2).gif 

Note: Click Sign again, and you can quickly insert the created signature in current file.

And only the WPS Premium users can save the signature in WPS Cloud and easily use it in other documents.

image (3).gif 

It's very simple to insert a signature in a PDF file in WPS Office. Have you mastered it?

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lWhat is WPS Office

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